Room Booking System Integration with Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Book meeting rooms and find collaborative spaces using your existing Microsoft room booking system. Find the right amenities you need – all within the Microsoft Outlook calendar your teams already use.

Find and book rooms easily

Kadence Wx room booking software integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft room booking system for faster adoption.

  • Search for available spaces across different office locations easily directly from Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Find suitable spaces by the purpose of meetings and filter by amenities or capacity
  • Book meeting rooms and invite colleagues with just a few clicks

Microsoft Outlook Calendar syncs with Wx mobile app

All meeting room activities visualize in a single view – a simple, smooth experience seamlessly synced with your Outlook calendar.

  • At-a-glance view of all upcoming meetings and room bookings on the Wx mobile app
  • Easily locate your room on the floor plan within the booking details screen

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