Frequently Asked Questions

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What is hybrid working?

What is a flexible workspace?

What does hot desking mean?

What are the next steps after we sign-up?

How do I get up and running fast after sign-up?

What data will you need from us?

How do I setup Team managers?

Will employee directory sync be able to pull in profile pictures?

Can groups / teams be carried over from our system to Kadence, using active directory sync?

Can I use a directory sync to upload users?

How many office floor plans can I have?

How long do office floor plans take to produce?

What mobile OS do you support on your apps?

Where can I get the Kadence app?

Where do I request my office floor plan to be uploaded?

How much does an office floor plan upload and set-up cost?

Are all features included in the pricing plan?

How long is the contract length?

What is Active User billing?

Where and how is user data being stored?

What user data is being stored? Are you GDPR and US data security compliant?

Is SSO secure?

Are you ISO compliant

Where is my data hosted?

Can I see all teams in the company? 

How do I access a colleagues profile?

How long will it take to get the email with the link to my CSV file?

What happens if there are no desks available with a specific amenity?

I want to see times in AM/PM but my European colleagues don’t – is that an issue?

My employees speak Swedish, Spanish & Portuguese – will you support these languages in future?

Do my preferences stay the same if I travel to another country/timezone?

How can I make a space available if an employee does not show up for their booking?

Can I control employee email preferences to make sure they receive check-in reminders?

How will I let employees know if I have to cancel their booking at the last minute?

What is the difference between the plans?

Are there any limits to the amount of bookings I can cancel?

What happens if I cancel multiple bookings by mistake?

Will adjusting neighborhoods cause issues with existing employee bookings?

Can I add a desk that is already part of another neighborhood?

Does Kadence track my location after I add where I am based?

Do I have to complete my profile?

How do I know when my guest has arrived?

Can I make an onsite booking for myself?

Do you have to book a desk for a guest?

Can anyone make guest bookings?

What happens with my existing neighborhoods?

If I make my neighborhood public, will it remember my settings if I wish to make it private again in the future?

Can I assign multiple teams to the same neighborhood on the same day?

What is a desk booking system?

How does desk booking software benefit my workplace?

Can desk booking software integrate with other systems?

Can desk booking tools support different office and seating layouts?

Can you schedule and book spaces in MS Teams via Outlook?

Does Microsoft Teams help with team productivity?

What can Microsoft Teams integrate with?

What is Microsoft Teams desk booking integration?

Why is a ‘Check-in’ API useful?

What can I do with a ‘Check-in API’?

How do I integrate with an API?

Can I use the Check-in API to check people out of their bookings?

How many Smart Suggestions will I get in a week?

How will I know when the office is at capacity?

What are the benefits of automating check-ins?

How can boost desk availability when people does not show up for their booking?

What are the different types of smart suggestions?


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