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What can I do with a ‘Check-in API’?

As with any API, the sky is your limit. You can choose how best to integrate with your various software in any way you choose. 

To help ignite your creativity, here is a list of options to easily help automate your check-in flow 👇

  1. Automatically check users into their bookings through a badging integration system of your choice
  2. Show information on bookings, users, and buildings within your applications
  3. Display who has booked a desk to use as a waypoint tool so you know who should be sitting where, but also to warn users not to sit at that desk
  4. Authenticate users and check them into their bookings when they log into a computer, book to come onsite, or when you access WiFi
  5. Alert office managers if there are no designated fire marshals or first aiders onsite


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