Elevate Your Workplace Experience: Refurbishing for Hybrid Work

The workplace experience has become more and more dynamic each year since the pandemic. The rise of remote work, coupled with the resurgence of in-person collaboration, has paved the way for the hybrid work model. There’s a want for the best of both worlds. Employees want to work from home when it’s convienent and they want the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in the office.

As organizations adapt to this new way of operating, refurbishing the office space is a strategic imperative. By aligning physical environments with the needs of hybrid work, businesses can unlock a myriad of benefits that enhance the workplace experience for employees and stakeholders alike.

In this article, we delve into the transformative potential of refurbishing your office for hybrid work. From fostering collaboration to promoting well-being, we explore how thoughtful design interventions can shape a workspace that empowers productivity, creativity, and engagement.

Adapting to the Hybrid Work Era

The shift towards hybrid work represents a seismic change in how businesses operate. It offers employees the flexibility to alternate between remote and in-office work, providing a balance between autonomy and collaboration.

Many companies feel anxious about how much time employees will spend in the office. Mandates to return to work are often seen as the solution, but they undermine the very agency hybrid work should offer employees. Rarely do companies think about how to encourage workers to come into the office.

The most simple way to do this to make the office an exciting place to work. If the ways we work have changed since the pandemic, we need spaces that feel suited to working hybrid. If the office presents an environment that working from home cannot, then employees will naturally feel inclined to work in the office.

Creating Collaboration Hubs

If offices then offer the unique opportunity to work with and alongside colleagues, then they should be designed with this mind. Traditional offices are a mix of cubicles, open plan layouts and meeting rooms. Each employee has a desk. Perhaps the new hybrid workplace experience actually looks different.

Companies could create hubs with beanbags, meeting rooms designed for brainstorming and creative work, places with coffee and snacks that resemble cafes. There are a plethora of opportunities and ideas that will help boost morale. With a diversity of spaces, the workplace experience can be many different things rather than just one. By swapping the mundane for a dynamic approach, organizations encourage office working.

Prioritizing Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility lies at the heart of the hybrid work model. Recognizing that employees may choose to work from various locations, refurbishing the office to accommodate flexible seating arrangements and modular workstations is essential.

Mobile furniture solutions and adaptable spaces empower employees to customize their work environment based on their preferences and tasks at hand. This promotes autonomy and productivity. Most companies will begin a hot desking system, managed through software like Kadence. Because employees will no longer have fixed desks that they can personalize, the space itself should feel personalized to their needs.

Embracing Technology Integration

In the digital age, technology serves as the backbone of hybrid work. Integrating smart devices, video conferencing systems, and collaborative software into the office infrastructure enhances connectivity and streamlines communication across remote and in-office teams.

Analytics tools within software like Kadence enables organizations to gather valuable insights into space utilization and employee preferences, informing future design decisions.

Collaborative hubs should also be quipped with modern technology. This way organizations can facilitate seamless interaction between remote and in-office team members. These hubs serve as focal points for brainstorming sessions, project discussions, and creative ideation, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among employees.

Promoting Well-being and Comfort

A conducive work environment goes beyond aesthetics; it prioritizes the well-being and comfort of employees. Incorporating design elements such as natural light, greenery, and ergonomic furniture enhances cognitive function, reduces stress, and boosts morale.

We have seen a rise in employees using third spaces like coffee shops as places to work. 50% of workers recently surveyed by Opentable said they spend at least some of their time working in cafes and other third spaces throughout their work week. The community atmosphere these provide as well as comfortable seating, natural light, food and beverage helps create a workplace experience that feels holistic. Employees have often been encouraged to work in spaces that avoid distractions. And yet this often feels restrictive and does not meet all the individual’s needs.

Companies can go one step further. By dedicating spaces for relaxation, mindfulness, and physical activity, they provide for the variety of needs of the employee. This approach recognizes that by creating a positive workplace experience, employees are more productive and engaged. The company encourages a work-life balance and supports overall employee wellness.

Cultivating a Sense of Purpose

The workspace experience should serve as a tangible manifestation of organizational culture and values. By infusing elements of brand identity and purpose-driven design into the office environment, organizations can inspire and motivate employees towards a shared vision.

From curated art installations to branded signage, every aspect of the refurbishment should reflect the company’s ethos, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among employees. This will also make the space unique to the company and not molded from a template of what we would traditionally consider the office to look like.

Driving Sustainability Initiatives

As companies are encouraged to be environmentally conscious, sustainability should take center stage in office refurbishment projects. Using eco-friendly materials, implementing energy-efficient systems, and prioritizing waste reduction minimize an organization’s ecological footprint. This can align with their corporate social responsibility goals. By championing sustainability initiatives, organizations demonstrate their commitment to creating a better future for both employees and the planet.

Consider Kadence

Refurbishing your office for hybrid work represents a strategic investment in the future of work. By reimagining the workspace experience as collaborative and well-being focused, organizations can create a conducive environment that empowers the hybrid workforce to thrive.

Kadence can help offer insights into how space is being used in real-time. Design decisions can be based on this data. Real estate costs can be lowered by understanding how the space is being used by employees.

Book a demo today to see how Kadence can help you unlock the full potential of hybrid work.

5 Advantages of Using a Hot Desk

Using a hot desk means employees don’t have assigned desks and instead choose from available workspaces each day. It’s become popular as companies shift to a hybrid working model.

Its flexibility offers numerous benefits for both employers and employees. In this article, we’ll explore five advantages of using a hot desk and how it can enhance productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

1. Flexibility to Suit Dynamic Workstyles

A hot desk provides you with the flexibility to choose a workspace that best suits your needs on any given day. Whether you prefer a quiet corner for focused work or a collaborative area for group discussions, hot desking allows you to adapt your environment to your work style.

And that work style can change each day. One day in the office may look like working a desk so you can do some heads-down work. Another day might be booking a beanbag with your colleagues to brainstorm some new ideas. Your desk is no longer rigid, but something that can adapt to your needs.

This flexibility fosters a dynamic and agile work culture where employees can thrive and perform at their best.

2. Optimal Space Utilization and Cost Efficiency

For employers, a primary advantage of hot desking is the optimal utilization of office space.

With hot desking, companies can maximize their workspace by ensuring that desks are occupied efficiently throughout the day. This results in cost savings on real estate expenses, as companies can allocate resources more effectively based on actual usage patterns.

    By reducing the need for assigned desks, employers can create a more collaborative and agile work environment while minimizing overhead costs. The way offices have been designed for fixed desks can change. The space can be used in more exciting ways, with workspaces that are customized for different purposes. This new look will also encourage employees to come into the office.

    3. Promotes Collaboration and Networking

    Hot desking encourages spontaneous interactions and collaboration among employees from different departments and teams.

    Without assigned desks, employees are more likely to move around and interact with colleagues they may not typically engage with. This promotes cross-functional collaboration, idea sharing, and knowledge exchange, leading to increased innovation and creativity within the organization.

    Additionally, hot desking fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among employees, as they have the opportunity to connect and network with colleagues. Rather than being sat next to the same person each day, employees can mingle and make new connections.

    Enhanced Employee Mobility

    In today’s digital age, many employees value the flexibility to work remotely or from alternative locations. Hot desking seamlessly integrates with remote work practices, allowing employees to transition between working in the office and working from home or other remote locations.

    This flexibility enables employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance while still staying connected to their team and the company. Using a hot desk eliminates the need for employees to be tied to a specific desk or location, empowering them to work from wherever they feel most productive.

      Supports Workplace Inclusion

      Hot desking promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace by breaking down physical barriers and hierarchies. Without assigned desks, employees from all levels of the organization have equal access to shared workspaces, promoting a more inclusive and collaborative work environment.

      This egalitarian approach fosters a sense of belonging and equality among employees, regardless of their role or seniority. By embracing this, companies can leverage the unique perspectives and talents of their workforce to drive innovation and success.

        It also can allow senior leaders to connect with their teams. Imagine working alongside different team members on different days, rather than being isolated in a separate office. Employees will feel they have access to you and that the company operates on a flatter structure.

        Consider Kadence

        A hot desk offers numerous advantages for both employers and employees, including flexibility, cost efficiency, collaboration, mobility, and diversity. By embracing this innovative approach to workspace management, companies can create a dynamic and agile work environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and employee engagement.

        To make using a hot desk as easy and effective as possible, Kadence can help you book desks and meetings room when needed. There’s no need for spreadsheets or timetables for when desks can be used. Our software allows employees the ease and flexibility that should come with hot desking.

        Book a demo today to find out more.

        Optimizing Efficiency with Hot Desk Booking Software

        One of the great benefits of hybrid working is that companies can streamline office space. With hot desk booking software, employees don’t each need to have their own space. Rather they can book a desk through the software when and where they need it.

        This means organizations likely need less space as not all desks will be in use at all times. Traditional fixed desks setups are no longer the most efficient solution. Optimal efficiency is achieved by having just the right amount of space for your organization.

        So how can companies know what the right amount is? The solution is hot desk booking software. Let’s find out why.

        Book Desks Based on Your Needs

        Hot desk booking software facilitates the seamless allocation and reservation of workspaces on-demand. Gone are the days of navigating through crowded office floors in search of an available desk. There’s also no need for unreliable spreadsheets that need to be manually updated. Eliminate confusion and save valuable time for both employees and facility managers.

        With just a few clicks, employees can reserve a workspace tailored to their needs. Desks or meeting spaces can be chosen based on what equipment they offer. Need a computer with specific software? Or maybe you’re looking for a quiet corner for focused work? Whatever you need you can book it in advance through the hot desk booking software.

        Individuals can focus on their tasks without the hassle of desk hunting.

        Book room 11 and Invite Willa, Michael, and Jane on Wednesday using Kadence
        Collaborate with Teammates

        In the hybrid work model, coordinating your team can be a worry. Companies need a system in place to know where people are and when there are opportunities to work together.

        The right hot desk booking software can also help you find time and space to work with colleagues. Kadence’s Smart Suggestions feature notifies you when teammates are coming into the office. It’s also easy to find where they have booked a desk, so you can choose one next to them.

        Managers can also set up Neighborhoods. These reserve a set of desks for their team. It’s simple for colleagues to find a space where they can collaborate and feel connected. This fosters a stronger company culture and boosts workplace wellbeing. Feeling connected to your team decreases isolation. Having the choice to book desks when you need increases autonomy.

        Use Kadence to book nearby Adam who is sitting at Desk 2 on Wednesday
        Space Utilization and Cost Efficiency

        Hot desk booking software optimizes space. Traditional fixed desk setups often lead to underutilized space. Desks remain empty when employees are absent. This inefficiency translates into wasted resources and increased overhead costs for businesses.

        Hot desk booking software, like Kadence, can offer insights into how your space is being used. Kadence tracks usage patterns and occupancy rates. This data helps companies identify underutilized areas. Facility managers can make informed decisions based on this data to maximize space efficiency.

        The benefit is cost savings. By reducing unneeded real estate, companies need only spend money on the space they need.

        A Culture of Sustainability and Fairness

        Hot desk booking software promotes a sense of inclusivity and equality in the workplace. By democratizing access to workspace, businesses eliminate hierarchies. They instead promote a culture of fairness and collaboration. Every employee has equal opportunity to access premium workspace amenities.

        Reducing on real estate also allows companies to commit to being green. With less resource being used, companies can commit to reducing their carbon footprint. This also impacts employee pride in their workplace and in turn improves their outlook on work.

        See which day Willa, Michael, and Jane are in the office and book nearby on the Kadence mobile app
        Future-Proofing Workspace Management

        The need for agile workspace management solutions becomes increasingly apparent. Hot desk booking software offers a future-proof solution. Companies can adapt to changing needs and preferences seamlessly.

        Whether it’s accommodating hybrid work models, scaling operations, or integrating with emerging technologies, hot desk booking software remains agile and versatile. Businesses can future-proof their workspace management strategies. They can stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing landscape.

        Consider Kadence

        Hot Desk Booking Software makes a successful hybrid workplace. It streamlines communication, enhances collaboration, and empowers employees.

        With Kadence, work smarter by knowing where and when your colleagues have booked a desk. Smart Suggestions recommend when to head into the office. Book a desk in your team’s neighborhood within seconds.

        Kadence gives you detailed insights into how your team uses office space. Reports explain what spaces are under-used, so you can save on real estate costs.

        If you’re looking to implement a hot desk structure, book a demo today. We’ll show you exactly how Kadence can help you and your team find your rhythm for work.

        Space Management Tools Help Navigate Hybrid Work

        The rise of hybrid work models has defined what we think of as the modern workplace. As companies adapt to this new normal, the need for effective space management tools has become critical. These tools can have a transformative impact on the hybrid work environment, enhancing:

        • productivity
        • collaboration
        • overall employee well-being
        Embracing the Hybrid Work Revolution

        The traditional 9-to-5 office routine has given way to a more flexible and dynamic work model. This revolutionary shift allows employees to blend remote work with in-office collaboration. Employees can now strike a balance that accommodates both professional and personal needs.

        With this newfound flexibility comes the challenge of optimizing workspace utilization. That’s where space management tools come into play. Organizations must first grasp the intricacies of their workspace dynamics. Space management tools empower businesses to gain insights into how their spaces are utilized. Analytics provide a thorough overview of office occupancy, meeting room usage, and individual work patterns. This knowledge becomes the cornerstone for strategic decision-making. Companies can create an environment tailored to their unique needs.

        Space Management data and insights help drive team productivity
        Desk Reservation Software allows you to see how office space is being used.
        Boosting Productivity through Smart Space Allocation

        There is correlation between a well-organized workspace and increased productivity. Space management tools enable companies to optimize their office layout. Managers can ensure that the available space aligns with the nature of the tasks at hand. Whether it’s collaborative zones for team projects or quiet corners for focused individual work.

        With the space personalized for the team’s needs, productivity increases. The right space management tools will help managers allocate neighborhoods for teams. Employees can effectively and easily collaborate when the space is designed for their needs.

        This is an image example of how Kadence customers can schedule teams to Office Neigborhoods throughout the week
        Use Office Neighborhoods and assign them to your teams weekly to optimize your space and boost collaboration
        Creating Agile Workspaces

        Adaptability is key. Space management tools facilitate the creation of agile workspaces. These can be easily reconfigured based on evolving needs. Tools can recommend suitable desks or meeting rooms equipped with the necessary technology and resources.

        With no more fixed desks, employees need to be able to book desks that meet the requirements for their tasks. This can be impossible to provide without space management tools. Otherwise, managers rely on unreliable spreadsheets to track what facilities are available.

        Prioritizing Employee Well-being

        Effective space management creates an environment that prioritizes the well-being of employees. The space where work happens is integral to the happiness of the team. It’s as simple as saying when employees are comfortable, they feel better working.

        Employees may use the tools to reserve office spaces when they need a break from the isolation of remote work. This flexibility promotes a healthier work-life balance. Employees can choose the environment that best suits their tasks and preferences. And this autonomy to book when they like through their device empowers them.

        Enhancing User Experience

        Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the human aspect of technology. Space management tools are not just about data and analytics. They are tools designed to enhance the overall user experience.

        When choosing software, look out for a well-designed, intuitive user interface. Employees should be able to effortlessly navigate and leverage the features of these tools. If they can, booking a desk no longer becomes a task in itself.

        Not everyone is a tech expert. Space management tools come with comprehensive training and support features. Employees at all levels can harness the full potential of these tools. This takes off pressure for managers to set up outdated systems using spreadsheets and train their staff.

        Look out for AI integration. Instead of even having to learn how to use the software, employees can request what they need in a simple message. The AI will do the rest and respond in the same conversational manner.

        Kadence Hybrid Workplace AI
        Use Kadence Hybrid Workplace AI to book the spaces you need in your office with just a prompt
        Scalability and Customization

        Space management tools future-proof the work environment. They are a strategic investment that enable organizations to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

        Their power lies in their scalability and customization options. Organizations can tailor these tools to fit their unique requirements. The same tools can be used as the company grows – from startup to operating on a global scale.

        The tools adapt to the size of the company, rather than the other way around. They work with the space you have and will adapt as your company grows or downsizes.

        Integrations with Preexisting Software

        Space management tools should not be isolated entities. They should seamlessly coexist with any software that your team is already using. Whether that be Microsoft Teams or Slack, the space management tool should be able accessible within this software.

        This saves employees having to jump from app to app. Desks and meeting rooms can be booked within the software they are already familiar with.

        Managers should also have the capability to export reports about how the space is being used. This can be shared within internal communications, so decisions based on the data can be easily made.

        Consider Kadence to Navigate Hybrid with Confidence

        Space management tools are undeniably transformative. These tools go beyond optimizing physical spaces. They create a holistic work environment that prioritizes productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being.

        Kadence’s space management tools can empower your company in its hybrid journey. Book desks and conference rooms, invite visitors and coordinate your team’s movements.

        Kadence gives you detailed insights into how your team uses office space. Reports explain what spaces are under-used, so you can save on real estate costs. With Kadence, you not only manage the space, but ensure it achieves its full potential.

        Book a demo today. We’ll show you exactly how Kadence can help you find your rhythm for work.

        Desk Reservation Software is Shaping the Hybrid Workplace

        As companies transition into a hybrid work model, efficient desk utilization becomes essential. This is where Desk Reservation Software steps into the limelight. The right software can transform the way organizations manage workspace dynamics.

        Let’s explore the pivotal role that Desk Reservation Software plays in shaping the future of the hybrid workplace.

        Embracing the Hybrid Shift

        The global workforce has witnessed a seismic shift towards hybrid work models, blending remote and in-office work seamlessly. Hybrid offers unprecedented flexibility but also brings the challenge of optimizing office spaces.

        With employees splitting their time between home and office, desk space is not always in use. If employees have fixed desks, those spaces will remain empty when they work from home. To reduce real estate costs, it makes sense for companies to adopt a hotelling model. Employees can pick a desk when they come into the office.

        But which desk? This is where Desk Reservation Software becomes an indispensable tool for the modern workplace.

        Desk Booking Efficiency

        Desk Reservation Software acts as a digital maestro. It orchestrates the efficient use of office space. No more wandering through rows of empty desks or the frustration of finding a spot to set up shop. This innovative technology empowers employees to reserve a desk with a few clicks. When they step into the office, a dedicated workspace awaits.

        This enhances productivity and fosters a sense of routine and structure in the hybrid work setting. Giving employees the autonomy to book a desk will reduce anxiety about commuting to the office. The software can communicate to the rest of the team that the desk is reserved. The need for spreadsheets or team messages that say ‘this is my space today’ is not necessary.

        Streamlining Collaboration and Communication

        The heartbeat of any successful team is collaboration. Desk Reservation Software goes beyond the mere allocation of desk spaces. It serves as a conduit for enhanced communication and collaboration.

        Working hybrid means physical interactions with teammates are precious. The best Desk Reservation Software enables your team to find that time and space easily. Choose a software that highlights where your teammates have booked a desk.

        Or even more, pick software that allows managers to set up neighborhoods for teams. This will reserve a selection of desks that are available for a specific team. Teams will be concentrated in one area. This prevents teams from becoming spread across the office. And it cultivates collaboration simply through proximity.

        This is an image that lets you see which teammates are in the office on the interactive floor map, and check into desk 2 in the London HQ
        See where your teammates are working with Desk Reservation Software
        Utilize Desk Booking Data

        Desk Reservation Software provides real-time insights into office occupancy. This helps organizations make informed decisions about space utilization. With these analytics, companies can:

        • optimize their office layout
        • identify peak hours
        • allocate resources where needed

        This creates a more responsive and adaptive workspace. Managers have an overview of how the office is being used. Decisions are made based on helpful data. The result is employees have their needs for the office met.

        For the company as a whole, these insights can result in cost savings. Data will inform whether space is being under-used. Organizations can reduce unnecessary real estate and optimize spending.

        Space Management data and insights help drive team productivity
        Desk Reservation Software allows you to see how office space is being used.
        Employee Empowerment through Flexibility

        One of the hallmarks of the hybrid workplace is flexibility. Kadence offers employees the autonomy to choose when and where they work. This level of flexibility is not just a perk. It’s a strategic move that results in productivity and employee satisfaction.

        With hybrid work models, some employees may miss having a fixed office desk. For these individuals, offering control over where they sit becomes crucial to their well-being. Choice is fundamental to a happy team.

        Teams do not need to enforce who shares which desk or when employees should come in. This may seem like the easiest solution for hybrid work. With the software these mandates are futile. Better efficiency and employee satisfaction are achieved together.

        Addressing Desk Reservation Pain Points

        In the transition to a hybrid model, organizations encounter various pain points. One key is ensuring any hotelling desk is suitable for the employee. Desk Reservation Software addresses these challenges with surgical precision.

        A user-friendly interface mitigates the stress associated with finding a suitable workspace. It offers desk customization. This enables employees to create a personalized and conducive environment. The software can find a desk with:

        • particular equipment
        • the right software and hardware
        • a desired ergonomic setup

        Need a particular kind of desktop? Need several power outlets? All of this is possible to find in advance of coming to the office. Desk Reservation Software alleviates the frustration of having to work at an unsuitable desk.

        A Case for Sustainable Work Practices

        Desk Reservation Software aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable work practices. It is both cost-effective and green to optimize company space. Reducing the need for excess office space contributes to environmental conservation.

        An eco-friendly approach resonates with the values of the workforce. It positions companies as socially responsible entities. This attracts top talent in an increasingly conscious job market.

        Consider Kadence for Desk Reservation Sotware

        Desk Reservation Software is the linchpin in successful hybrid workplaces. It streamlines communication, enhances collaboration, and empowers employees.

        With Kadence, work smarter by knowing where and when your colleagues have booked a desk. Smart Suggestions recommend when to head into the office. Book a desk in your team’s neighborhood within seconds.

        Kadence gives you detailed insights into how your team uses office space. Reports explain what spaces are under-used, so you can save on real estate costs.

        If you’re looking for the right Desk Reservation Software, book a demo today. We’ll show you exactly how Kadence can help you find your rhythm for work.

        Embracing Third Spaces: The Evolution of Modern Workplaces

        In the move towards more flexible ways of working, modern organizations are having to get smarter about how they use space.

        That means integrating a hybrid operating platform and making sure existing office space is used effectively. For others, it means giving their employees access to flexible workspaces near them.

        Through my experiences with WorkFLEX, I’ve seen another kind of space become increasingly popular among workers. One that provides a level of flexibility that more conventional workspaces cannot offer.

        “Third Spaces” are non-traditional workplaces that are neither offices nor co-working spaces.

        And they might just be transforming the way we work.

        What are Third Spaces?

        Third Spaces are any public space that can feasibly (and reasonably!) be used for work. These could be cafes, bars, and libraries, to name a few.

        Think a cosy nook in your local coffee house. Your tablet is perched up against a cappuccino and you’re nibbling on an almond croissant.

        Third Spaces can be a very useful environment to get certain work tasks done, like deep individual work, creative thinking, reading, or admin.

        Professionals are turning to these kinds of spaces in numbers. 50% of workers recently surveyed by Opentable said they spend at least some of their time working in cafes and other Third Spaces throughout their work week.

        We’re also seeing a trend in co-working spaces to adopt an atmosphere more typical of a third space. With integrated coffee shops, biophilic design and areas for relaxation, they are responding to a general move away from traditional office set ups.

        Why work in a Third Space?

        Third Spaces provide a useful alternative to the back-and-forth between office-based work and remote work.

        While office work is a great way to connect to your teammates and collaborate together, it can sometimes feel like a pressured, limiting environment. Remote work, with all of its great benefits for flexibility, can be socially isolating.

        Working in a Third Space can provide you with a perfect environment for a little mental break, where organic social interaction and spontaneous conversations still keep you stimulated and creative. A recent survey we ran found that working from Third Spaces significantly contributed to an overall sense of wellbeing in workers.

        While these kinds of spaces can be less effective for taking calls, completing confidential work or tasks that involve more equipment, they’re excellent for big picture thinking, admin tasks, and other independent activities.

        What about the office?

        The office will continue to play a valuable role in our day-to-day work life. It’s a cornerstone of community, a platform for connecting with our colleagues and the values of our organizations.

        And yet it’s often not the best environment for all the tasks team members perform each week.

        If you’re forced to commute for an hour just to send three emails from your office, you’d be rightly frustrated. Tasks like this could have just as easily been done at the Starbucks around the corner.

        Third Spaces are like the “joker” card in your modern work schedule. They’re a great way to shake up your routine and immerse yourself in a fresh work setting — when the right tasks come about.

        Is a Third Space right for you?

        Follow these four questions to assess whether or not you could work from a Third Space today. 

        1. Do you have a lot of calls to make today? 

        If yes, it’s probably best to take them from home or a designated area in your office. If not — a cafe would work well! 

        2. Do you have any privacy or data sensitive work to do?

        If yes — best to avoid a public space and conduct the work from the privacy of your home or office. 

        3. Do you have a bunch of admin to sort out today? 

        If yes, this could be a great opportunity to go to your local cafe and hunker down with a laptop. Crush those emails! 

        4. Do you have some big picture creative or strategic thinking to get done? 

        If yes, this is also a good time to find a Third Space that helps you take time to zoom out and get some important thinking done.

        Trust is essential

        Hybrid work is still in its infancy. Companies are still figuring out how and where employees get their best work done.

        Recognizing that different kinds of spaces have their own unique advantages is a big step towards getting smarter about how we work.

        Ultimately, it comes down to trust. Employers need to trust their employees to be productive from Third Spaces, while employees should feel confident enough to ask for this kind of flexibility.

        When employers focus on outcomes rather than physical location, they are likelier to build happier, more productive teams.

        In a world where all you need to be productive is a laptop and decent WiFi, it’s only logical that we should embrace Third Spaces.

        In doing so, we’re opening the door to greater flexibility, creativity, and well-being.

        How to Instantly Book Flexible Workspace with Kadence Flex

        The world of work demands flexibility. Whether you’re a scaling start-up looking for flexible workspace options, or you’re an established company with a distributed workforce — you’ll be more than familiar with the challenge of providing adequate physical space for your teams.

        Kadence Flex is our game-changing solution for companies looking for instant access to office spaces worldwide. We’ve partnered with LiquidSpace to combine the power of our Hybrid Operating Platform with a global network of on-demand office spaces.

        Here’s how to start making the most out of Kadence Flex.

        Start Booking On-Demand Flex Spaces

        Kadence Flex offers a treasure trove of fantastic office space options where you are. Whether you’re looking for something short term, long term, or even by the hour, Kadence Flex has what you’re looking for.

        Grab Hot Desks & Meeting Rooms for the Time You Need

        With Kadence Flex, you have instant access to hot desks and meeting rooms in thousands of flexible work locations worldwide. Simply set up your requirements for a hot desk or meeting room, including location, date, and time. You can then select between both company-owned and on-demand flex spaces, and opt for a one-off or recurring booking. Enjoy a hassle-free experience for securing the right space at the right time.

        Stay in Control of Your Office Space Budget

        Say goodbye to office management headaches. Kadence Flex allows you to manage your spending on office spaces effectively. You can now control budgets for flex space booking across departments, while locations can be selected based on cost considerations and proximity to central offices.

        Book Flexible Office Spaces for You and Your Team Members

        The number one reason why you plan to go to the office is to meet with your team. It’s what makes your commute to the office worthwhile and it keeps you connected with your team and your company at large. With Kadence Flex, you’re able to coordinate plans with your team ahead of time making it easy to meet up in the right place, and at the right times.

        See Where Your Teammates Are Working

        Kadence Flex makes coordinating with your teammates easier than ever. See which locations are most popular and quickly track where your teammates are planning to work. Whether they’re in the office, or a flexible workspace, you can join them at a moment’s notice. Enjoy the benefits of teamwork and effective in-person collaboration!

        Follow Your Favorite Teammates for Smart Booking Suggestions

        Kadence Flex also helps you keep tabs on your favorite teammates and their office schedules, helping you plan in-person collaboration more effectively. Get regular alerts about their booking activities, including new bookings or cancellations, and coordinate your schedule with theirs. Kadence will also send you smart booking suggestions so you never miss an opportunity for meaningful face-to-face collaboration.

        Set Up Regular In-Person Team Days

        What about setting up regular in-person meetings or team days? With Team Kadences, you can easily select a day, regularity, and location that suits everyone. This flexibility allows you to choose the most convenient space for all team members, whether it’s a central office or an on-demand location, ensuring your team days are as productive and collaborative as possible.

        Analyze Team Bookings and Office Spend

        Two of your company’s most important assets are your people and your spaces. You want your people to thrive in their work but you also want to shed underused office space costs so you can invest extra savings into things that matter. With Kadence Flex you’re not only able to facilitate your teams with the spaces they need locally but you also get the hard data you need to determine how your spaces are used.

        Understand How Your Company Offices Are Utilized

        Kadence’s office space management software provides a comprehensive view of all employee booking data and attendance metrics. Through Kadence Flex, you’ll find data on office occupancy for your offices and flexible workspaces, as well as insights into room booking and desk booking.

        Get Data on the Flex Spaces Your Teams Use the Most

        Kadence Flex helps give you information about which office spaces and flex spaces are most frequented by your team. This enables you to make informed decisions on whether to cut down your real estate or invest more in certain locations.

        Kadence Flex offers a holistic modern solution for workspace management. Tailored to companies of all sizes, it simplifies the process of finding and booking flexible workspaces, coordinating with teams, and analyzing office usage. Kadence Flex is not just about space – it’s about optimizing how and where your team works.

        Ready to streamline your workspace experience? Discover how Kadence Flex can enhance your team’s productivity and flexibility today.

        Just get in touch — we’d love to show you around.

        Already a Kadence customer but can’t see Kadence Flex? Get in touch with us to understand your options.

        Kadence x LiquidSpace: A New Era of Flexible Working

        What do you get if you combine Kadence with a global network of on-demand office spaces for flexible working?

        You get the world’s most exciting hybrid work integration — otherwise known as Kadence x LiquidSpace.

        Here’s the lowdown on what our partnership means for flexible hybrid work worldwide.

        Access flexible working spaces straight from your hybrid work platform

        Our new partnership with LiquidSpace helps you coordinate your distributed teams and cut down on unnecessary real estate costs.

        With the Kadence x LiquidSpace integration, you can:

        • Instantly book LiquidSpace co-working spaces straight from your Kadence dashboard
        • Get an overview of how your teams are using both your office spaces and flexible workspaces
        • Enable teams to coordinate and meet up in person all over the world, at a moment’s notice
        • Cut down your real estate costs by seeing in-depth data and metrics on office usage

        What is LiquidSpace? LiquidSpace is a platform that brings together the best on-demand workspaces from around the world. With LiquidSpace, you can find the perfect workspaces for the team and manage everything from the same place.

        No more hybrid workspace headaches

        At Kadence, we deeply understand our customers’ challenges when it comes to managing hybrid workspaces. Either you’re in over your head trying to coordinate a distributed workforce, or you struggle to provide enough space for rapidly growing teams.

        Kadence x LiquidSpace addresses these challenges by giving you a handy new flexible work arrangement. Team members can now simply choose from one of the thousands of on-demand office spaces that make the most sense for them. Forcing employees to take a long commute into the office for team meetings is a thing of the past!

        With Kadence, you can also see your colleagues’ differing schedules and co-working plans — and coordinate with them for spontaneous in-person collaboration.

        Teams spread all around the globe now have a way to meet locally without any hassle.

        “In the past people were predictable, and spaces were static. Now, spaces are flexible, and people are unpredictable. That’s why we created the hybrid operating system that helps people be intentional with how they get their work done, and navigate all the complexities of hybrid.”
        Dan Bladen
        CEO & Co-Founder, Kadence
        Flexible working impacts the bottom line

        The best part about the Kadence x LiquidSpace integration? It’s flexible by design. Nobody is forcing you to decide when you opt for in-person work.

        Kadence is the hybrid operating platform prompting you when colleagues have booked spaces near you. LiquidSpace provides flexible hybrid workspace options for collaboration to happen — but only when it makes sense for you and your schedule.

        The result is more than ease and convenience. In today’s world of work, the benefits of flexible working for employers can be the difference between success and failure.

        By ensuring your teams have access to on-demand workspaces and regular collaboration, Kadence x LiquidSpace helps boost your team’s productivity. By providing in-depth insights and metrics about how frequently and well-attended your office space and flexible workspaces are, the integration empowers managers to downsize permanent spaces and cut down on unnecessary office leases.

        Flexible work will have a profound impact on your business’s bottom line.

        “This partnership will be an absolute game changer to empower our teams with the autonomy and flexibility to choose how, when, and where they work to be their most successful.”
        Jeff Gwinnett
        Senior Director, Workplace Experience & Sustainability, Softchoice
        A new era of flexible working

        Our partnership with LiquidSpace leads hybrid organizations into a new era of flexible working.

        From small startups looking to scale to multinational enterprises looking for ways to be smarter about their office usage — Kadence x LiquidSpace solves key problems that you may be facing about your people and spaces.

        It’s a groundbreaking integration of our hybrid operating platform with a global on-demand office space network — redefining what flexibility means for your workforce.

        For more information on how Kadence x LiquidSpace works, see it in action here.

        Kadence Flex: The Benefits of Access to Flexible Work Spaces Worldwide

        In today’s world of work, managing Flexible Work Spaces can lead to a headache or two.

        Whether a small startup or a multinational enterprise, you’re probably wrestling with the same questions: How do I provide space for a growing workforce? How do I coordinate a distributed team? Can I justify this long office lease?

        Some companies have tackled these questions by going fully remote. But for those of us who value face-to-face collaboration, that’s not an option.

        That’s why we’re excited to introduce Kadence Flex: a one-stop solution for flexible workspaces, all from within your hybrid operating platform.

        Coordinate your teams with flexible work spaces

        The flexibility offered by hybrid work is liberating, but it can also feel disorienting.

        When colleagues are scattered around different cities and countries, in-person time can be hard to come by. Teamwork and productivity can suffer as a result.

        Kadence Flex partners with LiquidSpace to offer you thousands of co-working spaces all around the globe. Your teams now have the option to book co-working spaces near them and coordinate in-office days with colleagues ahead of time.

        With flexible desk booking included within Kadence Flex, your teammates can simply choose which flexible workspaces work for them, and book a physical spot right away. You’ll even be notified when relevant colleagues have booked a flex workspace. No need to miss out on quality in-person work.

        Kadence Flex even helps you schedule recurring team days in co-working office spaces that are accessible to everyone. Say goodbye to those awkward Thursday Marketing meetings on Zoom — it turns out your team has booked a room at a flexible office instead.

        Bringing your employees into the office used to be a challenge. Now, with easy access to countless flexible workspaces — it’s a given.

        Easily manage your distributed workforce with flex workspaces

        A distributed workforce is a beautiful thing, but it comes with its challenges. Spontaneous co-working between colleagues can be handy, but it’s hardly a solution for the long term.

        Kadence Flex helps your teams get together more often than ever, in thousands of co-working office spaces worldwide.

        With an overview of company offices and flexible offices near you, you can see exactly when and where your team is choosing to work. This enables your employees to get their best work done with the right people, in the right places.

        Are colleagues constantly on the move? There’s no need to sacrifice collaboration. No matter where your team works, they will still have easy access to thousands of flexible coworking spaces.

        From new hires onboarding together in Lisbon to operational all-hands in London, let your team connect and collaborate with more frequency than ever.

        Kadence Flex gives you all the information you need to make desk and room bookings in flexible offices that make sense for you and your team.

        Cut down real estate costs with flexible offices

        In tough financial conditions, controlling real estate costs is crucial for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

        Kadence Flex gives you access to comprehensive booking data and attendance metrics across both company offices and on-demand flexible workspaces. It’s a centralized platform that offers full visibility into how you use your own office or on-demand coworking office, allowing for data-driven decisions.

        Whether it’s identifying underused locations or scaling up in areas of high demand, Kadence Flex offers you the insights you need to tailor your office space to your actual business needs.

        Kadence Flex also aligns seamlessly with your hybrid policy. By analyzing usage patterns of offices and flexible workspaces, you can adapt your strategy to ensure that your workforce is productive and engaged.

        This level of adaptability not only cuts down on unnecessary real estate expenses but also contributes to a more dynamic and responsive work environment.

        Instant access to flexible office spaces will help you stay lean in the long run.

        A new era of workspace flexibility

        The flexibility and adaptability required to manage a modern workforce can be overwhelming. We hope we’ve persuaded you that Kadence Flex is a worthy partner in your journey to fully flexible work.

        It’s not just about offering flex workspaces or enabling hybrid work. It’s about redefining how we think about and make use of our work environments.

        With Kadence Flex, you can choose flexible workspaces that suit your needs. Whether it’s coordinating team meetings in convenient locations, booking a desk in a city you’re visiting for a week, or simply finding a quiet flexible office space for focused work, Kadence Flex makes it all possible.

        Then there’s that office lease. Kadence Flex helps you make smarter decisions about office space investments, ensuring that every square foot is used to its maximum potential. Why pay for space you’re not using? Simply integrate flexible workspaces into your workflow and see your real estate costs plummet.

        Kadence Flex is more than a tool—it’s a new approach to how we work.

        If you’re interested to see it in action or understand more about Kadence, we’d love to hear from you.

        Go flexible!

        Everything you need to know about Office Space Management Software

        What is Office Space Management Software and why is it important?

        In the rapidly evolving landscape of the hybrid workplace, understanding and managing physical space effectively through space management software has become a pivotal aspect of organizational success. The shift towards hybrid work models has not only altered our daily routines but also redefined the very concept of workspace utilization.

        Efficient space management services now play a critical role in fostering productivity, enhancing employee satisfaction, and optimizing operational costs. At Kadence, we recognize these challenges and have tailored our solutions to meet the unique demands of this new era.

        What are the challenges of Office Space Management Software?

        Space planning in the hybrid work era is a balancing act between flexibility and efficiency. It involves a strategic allocation of physical space to accommodate fluctuating occupancy, diverse work styles, and varying employee needs.

        The challenge lies in managing these dynamic requirements with a space management system, ensuring that resources are utilized optimally.

        This is where a comprehensive understanding of space management systems becomes crucial. From addressing the complexities of scheduling and booking to adapting to ever-changing organizational needs, the intricacies of space management are both multifaceted and significant.

        What are the benefits of Office Space Management Software?

        Downsizing Office Space

        Modern office space management software provides data-driven insights that enable businesses to right-size their office spaces. By understanding actual space utilization patterns through space utilization software, companies can make informed decisions about downsizing, potentially leading to significant cost savings without compromising employee needs.

        Reducing Costs

        The strategic use of space optimization software directly contributes to cost reduction. By optimizing the use of available space, minimizing unused areas, and efficiently managing resources, businesses can substantially lower operational expenses related to real estate and facilities management.

        Improving Employee Experience

        Workspace management software enhances the employee experience by providing a flexible and responsive work environment. Features like real-time booking systems and usage analytics ensure that employees have access to the spaces they need when they need them, thereby boosting morale and job satisfaction.

        Team Coordination and Productivity

        Effective workplace planning fosters better team coordination and productivity. It streamlines the process of scheduling and booking resources, reducing conflicts and downtime. This improved coordination ensures that teams can collaborate effectively, regardless of their physical location.

        Hitting ESG Targets

        Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets are increasingly important for businesses. Space management software can help in achieving these goals by promoting efficient use of resources, reducing carbon footprint through optimized space utilization, and fostering a more sustainable work environment with the help of environmental sensors.

        Space Management statistics

        The impact of space management can be best understood through data and statistics that reflect its significance in the modern workplace:

        The Changing Value of Office Real Estate

        Reduction in Space Requirements

        • A study by Mckinsey suggests that remote work and flexible work policies will enable organizations to reduce their need for office space by 30%.

        Employee Preferences for Hybrid Work

        • Only 6% of U.S. employees in remote-capable jobs prefer to work fully onsite. In contrast, 34% prefer to be fully remote, and 59% favor hybrid arrangements.
        • Around 93% of employees voice a preference for hybrid or remote work opportunities. Limiting these options could lead to a higher rate of employee attrition. The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times that employee’s annual salary and US businesses collectively lose about $1 trillion due to voluntary turnover.

        Productivity and Employee Benefits

        Cost Savings Through Space Optimization

        • Companies leveraging space management tools report up to 30% savings in operational costs due to more efficient space usage and reduced real estate expenditures.

        Useful Space Management tools to help downsize office space

        In the mission to optimize office space, especially when downsizing, the best space management software can make all the difference. Embracing technology like space control software to manage and analyze how space is used in your organization is key to creating an efficient, adaptable, and cost-effective work environment. From seat management software for desk and room booking systems to visitor management and workplace analytics, each tool plays a crucial role in transforming how we understand and utilize our office spaces. Let’s explore some essential workspace management tools that Kadence offers, designed to streamline operations and enhance the overall workplace experience.

        Desk Booking Software

        Hot Desk Booking is no longer just about reserving a workspace; it represents the adaptability of an organization to its employees’ varying needs. The ideal system allows for ease of use, and flexibility, and provides real-time insights into workplace utilization. This not only ensures that employees find the right space for their work but also helps in tracking and optimizing desk usage across the organization.

        Conference Room Booking Software

        Effective room booking is key to maximizing the utilization of meeting spaces, especially in a hybrid work environment where the need for physical meeting spaces can fluctuate dramatically. An efficient occupancy management software can help manage this. Conference Room Booking Software offers visibility into room availability, allows easy scheduling, and provides insights into usage patterns to ensure that meeting spaces cater to a variety of needs and work styles.

        A Visitor Management System

        To effectively organize your workspace using space allocation software, it’s crucial to first understand the frequency and identity of the visitors utilizing the space. Perhaps your sales department is inviting the most visitors on-site, requiring particular office neighborhoods for meetings. Alternatively, it might be your finance team that often brings visitors on-site to the office. Utilizing a visitor management system will allow you to gather data on the volume and regularity of visitors, so you can facilitate a comfortable check-in process for guests and consider how your employees can appropriately welcome and escort visitors around the office.

        Workplace Analytics and Data

        A staple when it comes to space management software is Workplace Insights. Being able to visualize and track all of your booking data and space data in one place is the key to optimizing your office space and reducing costs. Understanding the most popular days your team’s book to come in, as well as the most popular spaces your teams use vs. the ones they don’t. Getting to grips with the effectiveness of your hybrid policies by seeing how many canceled or ‘no-show’ bookings there are and seeing all of this, all in one place streamlines all of your process at once.

        How does Office Space Management Software work?

        To start managing your spaces with facility space management software, first, check out your workspace. Look at how big it is, what each area does, and what resources you have. Using building space management software lets you keep an eye on your spaces all the time. You can see how employees book spaces and use this info to make your workspace better. This way, your workspace can change as needs change and keep being a good place to work. The software can also help you manage floor plans and understand the square footage of your office.

        Start with 4 simple steps:

        1. Track, manage, and optimize your spaces with a real-time booking tracker

        By tracking your bookings as they occur with occupancy software, you not only get to project upcoming reservations but you can see how your spaces are being used in real-time. This allows you to load balance your office and manage them efficiently to meet the needs of your teams and keep every safe. In utilizing a space management solution that provides sophisticated analytics, displayed in an easy-to-understand layout, you’re now able to make strategic choices specifically suited to your team and organization’s needs.

        2. Measure the success of your hybrid policy with Attendance Metrics

        Grappling with the best hybrid work policy for you and your teams can take time and experimentation to find the right balance that benefits everyone. By visualizing a comprehensive view of all space bookings and cancellations over any given time frame with the best office space management software, you’re able to assess the efficiency of your hybrid work policy by seeing clear attendance metrics at a glance. These data points are crucial in making informed decisions about future office utilization. This is not just about booking spaces; or naming and shaming teams; it’s about strategic space management that aligns with your team and organization’s goals, ensuring no space is underutilized and that unnecessary costs are eliminated.

        3. Maximize the use of your resources

        Space Management Software provides a streamlined overview of all of your vital resources such as understanding conference room usage over any chosen timeframe. This allows Facility Managers to track room usage patterns, thereby gaining insights into which rooms and resources are more popular than others, or better still, understanding why 3-person meetings are being held in a room with a capacity for 10 people! This data is presented visually through a Room Occupancy Overview Daily Occupancy Heat Map. These combined offer a clear picture of room occupancy rates at different times of the day, providing valuable information for strategic planning and decision-making. It can aid in assessing the efficiency of room usage, identifying underutilized spaces, and implementing strategies to optimize space utilization. This asset management and facility management tool can be a game changer.

        4. Download the specific Data you need for reporting

        Being able to extract the data you need is a crucial yet key component of Space Management Software. Being able to view, access, and expand each space management widget to observe, enlarge, and export its data with the help of space software. Alongside its easy-to-integrate capabilities with your existing workplace software or reporting platforms, you can utilize Kadence’s sophisticated analytics directly within the Kadence web application itself. A straight-up out-of-the-box solution that allows for data interpretation, analysis, and the implementation of future cost-efficiency enhancements to your spaces all in one place.