Unlock the power of Slack Desk Booking

Get instant updates on when your Teammates are going to the office, seamlessly manage your bookings, and stay ahead with weekly overviews all inside Slack!

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Slack desk booking integration


Your workflow. Your people. One place

Slack desk booking integration


Never miss a booking again

Streamline your check-in process by sending timely notifications, ensuring your team stays organized and efficient, no matter where they are.

  • Boost attendance by making ‘check-ins’ easier for your teams
  • Get ‘Check-in’ reminders from wherever you are

Zero Setup

One less app to download

Transform the way you work by consolidating all of your Slack Desk Bookings and Teammate Scheduling Activity in one place. By using the tool your team already uses, you can quickly get up and running saving you valuable time and boosting productivity.

  • Easily make Slack desk booking integration available to your entire organization
  • Get going instantly with zero setup, passwords, or training
Slack desk booking integration
Slack desk booking integration

Weekly Overview

Communicate and Collaborate in one place

Easily see which teammates are going into the office and communicate with one another all in one central place. No more guesswork or miscommunication, just clear and productive weekly plans at your fingertips.

  • Connect with your teammates, and coordinate your plan by easily booking a space straight from Slack
  • Know what’s coming up by viewing your schedule in one place

Manage Bookings

Check in or view your booking in one click

Save valuable time and stress by using Slack Desk Booking as your go-to place for all of your bookings. Whether you’re on the go or in the office, experience profound flexibility and ease without a second thought.

  • Use Slack to coordinate with your teammates, and manage your bookings without using multiple apps
  • View your booking to make any changes straight from Slack
Slack desk booking integration

Learn About Slack Desk Booking

What is Slack Desk Booking?

Slack Desk Booking is a super easy-to-use tool that helps you book your workspace and see when your teammates are going to be in the office within your Slack environment. Imagine having your own personal assistant that notifies you if a teammate is going to the office or when you need to check into your booking. The best part? It works right within Slack, which you’re already using, so there’s no new software to learn. It’s all about making your work life smoother and more efficient.

See how it works here.

What is the difference between Slack and Microsoft Teams?

Slack and Microsoft Teams are both powerful collaboration tools, but they each have their unique strengths. Slack is known for its simplicity, user-friendly interface, and seamless integrations with other applications. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a straightforward, easy-to-use tool for communication within your team.

On the other hand, Microsoft Teams is deeply integrated with Microsoft’s suite of Office products and is a great choice if your organization heavily uses these tools. It also offers robust features for video conferencing and file sharing.

Both are fantastic options that can significantly enhance team collaboration and productivity!

Discover more about Kadence and Microsoft Teams here.

How does Kadence’s Team Coordination work in Slack?

At Kadence, we’ve integrated our team coordination seamlessly with Slack, making it easier than ever to get notified when your teammates are going to the office via instant messenger. View where a teammate is working so you can book a space nearby, manage your booking or reschedule if a teammate changes their plans, and get a personal schedule overview of your Slack Desk Bookings as well as who else is heading into the office that week.

Check out how Kadence helps coordinate team schedules for seamless collaboration.

How do I get started with Slack Desk Booking?

Getting started with Slack Desk Booking integration with Kadence is a breeze. You can do it in just a few simple steps.

  1. First, enable the integration within the Kadence web app by navigating to “Settings”, then “Integrations”
  2. Under “Slack Integration” click “Add to Slack”<
  3. Log in to Slack and allow the requested permissions for the Kadence app
  4. From there open up the Slack application and head to ‘Apps’ and click ‘Add apps’
  5. Type ‘Kadence’ into the search bar and click on the Kadence app to add it to your Slack

Check out our Help Center for more information.

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