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Product features
Full suite of easy-to-use tools for hybrid working

Designed to improve the coordination of people, space, and time to help your teams work smarter.
Desk & Room Booking

Desk & Room Booking

With our streamlined space booking tools, it’s easier than ever to create those special moments that happen when the right people come together.
Smart Workplace

Smart Workplace

Your workplace is about to get a whole lot smarter. Spend less time worrying about scheduling conflicts and wasted spaces, and more time focusing on building communities.
Team Coordination

Team Coordination

Stay connected with your teams so you can easily collaborate on the tasks that count. Schedule Team Days in seconds, see where your teammates are working in real-time, and get Smart Booking Suggestions every time your teammates are heading to the office.
Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics

Workplace analytics give you the insights you need to make the most of your space. Get reports and trends on occupancy or wasted bookings so you’re never overbooked or underutilized.
Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Book spaces, manage guests and send out invites simultaneously, enabling people to bring visitors on-site to collaborate easily.

Get hybrid right with Kadence

We are building the next generation of hybrid workplace management software, by coordinating companies’ most expensive resources: people and spaces.


The most successful companies will consist of teams who are intentional about what they are working on, who they need to work with, and where the work should be done. Let us help you turn chaos to order and tackle the most common hybrid pain points for businesses like yours.


Powerful Integrations

No need to worry about disrupting your tech stack or overcomplicating your workflows. Kadence hybrisd workplace management software integrates with all your favorite tools to create a seamless hybrid experience. 

Our Customers

What companies love about Kadence

Companies around the world are reimagining the way they work!

Kadence has honed in on the most important aspect of hybrid that hybrid should enable better outcomes for companies as a whole, not just facilities managers. 

Kadence is an important part of helping companies make hybrid work!

As the world goes hybrid, it’s important that teams find a rhythm for meeting in person for collaboration and creativity. Kadence is an important part of helping companies make hybrid work, and I’m excited to be involved!

Simple, intuitive, and valuable!

It was clear to us how easy it is to roll out with Kadence, and we were confident that our entire staff would be able to use the app without much hassle!

It has helped our staff accomplish more!

Kadence also allows employees to see who’s in the workspace on any given day, making it easier for colleagues to coordinate! 

Kadence is a critical layer between people and place!

It’s the tool that supports and simplifies our spaces to bring our people together. It helps me to connect with people I normally wouldn’t connect with!