Space Management

Do more with less space to facilitate team productivity

Kadence Office Space Management Software is a tool that makes your space booking data easy to understand. Track all of your bookings in one place, use your resources better, and measure office attendance all within one platform.


Cut real estate costs. Drive collaboration

Real-time Booking Tracker

Track, manage, and optimize your office space

Experience the power of easily understandable workplace booking data with Kadence Space Management Software. Keep track of your bookings as they happen and get a glimpse of upcoming reservations. This software not only provides you with high-level insights but presents them in a way that’s easy to grasp. This allows you to make informed decisions that are perfectly suited to your team and organization’s needs.

Attendance Metrics

Measure the success of your hybrid workplace policies

Boost your space management by easily viewing all desk and room reservations and cancellations over any time span. Grasp the efficiency of your mixed work approach, and quickly view attendance data to guide any upcoming choices about your office use.

Resource Management

Maximize Conference Room Booking and other vital resources

Streamline all of your conference rooms with a detailed overview of how they’re used over any time period you choose. Use this alongside the Daily Occupancy Heat Map to determine which rooms and resources were more popular than others.

Download and Reporting

Download, analyze, and improve

Click on every data widget to see, enlarge, and download its info. You can perfectly blend it with your other office software or just use Kadence’s insights dashboard right inside the Kadence web app. This way, you can easily understand, scrutinize, and plan future cost-saving enhancements for your spaces.

Office Space Management Software
Empty spaces. Fully Maximized

A full suite of solutions to help manage your hybrid workplaces making them more efficient for your teams to thrive.
Desk Booking

Desk Booking

Easily reserve desks and make sure everyone is in the same spot for collaboration, brainstorming, or just hanging out. It’s all about creating those special moments where great things happen.
Conference Room Booking

Conference Room Booking

Our tools take care of all the hassle when it comes to room booking, making it a breeze to schedule rooms without any conflicts. This means you can focus on bringing people together, fostering connections, and creating a sense of belonging.
Team Coordination

Team Coordination

Want to know where your teammates are working? Our real-time updates give you that information instantly. Plus, we’ve got your back with Smart Booking Suggestions whenever your teammates are heading to the office. It’s all about making your work life easier and more efficient.
Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Easily bring visitors on-site to collaborate with you by booking them a desk, and track all of your visitor bookings in one place. It’s all about making teamwork and collaboration a breeze whilst making sure everyone in your office feels safe and assured.
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space

Discover how Kadence’s Space Management tools helped Softchoice create a seamless hybrid working experience that drives productivity and team engagement whilst reducing their real estate spend.

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All you need for your Office Space Management real estate portfolio

Interactive Floor plans

Forecast office usage and space utilization ahead of time

Data export

Prioritize real estate spend by reporting on space management utilization

Customized seating

Create, edit, and manage Office Neighborhoods and Assigned Desks

Dedicated customer support

Our All-star Customer Experience team is always around to help

Give instant feedback

Give direct feedback to Kadence on improvements in the app


Automatically free up ‘No-Show’ bookings back into the system to reduce wasted space

Guest and Onsite booking

Invite guests and get notified of their arrival

Capacity Limits

Set the occupancy limit for each floor on any day

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Office Space Management Software

Office Space Management software is a tool that helps you make the most of your building’s physical space. It helps track Conference Room Bookings and attendance but also seamlessly integrates with your other systems. It is great for streamlining your office space, evaluating the success of your hybrid policies, and offers valuable insights for cost savings and smart resource management. It’s all about making your life easier and your workplace operations smoother!

Managing space is important. It helps make the best use of space and saves money. It also makes things run smoothly. It lets companies see how desks are booked and what they will need in the future. Plus, it makes workers perform better by making the workspace a nice place to be. It’s not just about putting things in the right place. It’s also about making a place where work can grow and keep going.

Managing spaces has three main parts. First, you need to keep track of space bookings. Second, you must look at how your office space is used over time. Lastly, you use this information to make better decisions in the future. Space management is about making the most of your physical spaces. You need to think about what the workspace needs to do, who will be visiting, and how your team works together. It also involves looking at booking data. This shows you trends in bookings, how your team uses the space, and the most popular days and spaces. This can help you direct resources and save money by not wasting space that isn’t used much. Discover everything you need to know about Office Space Management Software in our Space Management guide.

The main benefits of Space Management Software include driving down real estate costs and better team productivity. With Kadence you are instantly able to see the outcomes of your space bookings as easy-to-understand data within the same platform to help you see how your spaces are utilized over time, the effectiveness of your hybrid policy as well as where to allocate the right resources based on the needs of your team and your company.

To start managing your spaces, first, check out your workspace. Look at how big it is, what each area does, and what resources you have. Using a tool for managing space lets you keep an eye on your spaces all the time. You can see how employees book spaces and use this info to make your workspace better. This way, your workspace can change as needs change and keep being a good place to work.