Kadence Desk Booking

Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams

Elevate your team’s efficiency with Kadence desk booking tools. Unlock smarter workflows, foster a sense of community, and enhance collaboration seamlessly.

“Having your office floorplan built into the Kadence app to show precisely what desks and rooms are available to book makes it a very easy-to-use and intuitive experience for end users.”
Jeff Gwinnett

Senior Director, Workplace Experience & Sustainability at Softchoice


Easy, Flexible Desk Booking


Get a booking suggestion

Get notified when your teammates are heading into the office

Get a Smart Booking Suggestion to book a desk nearby your teammates

Choose your space

Book any available hot desk nearby for the exact times you need

See what Desks are available and make your booking

Connect with your team

Be with the right people, at the right time, and in the right place

Collaborate with your 3 other Teammates around a big desk
Key Features

Teams Love Kadence for Desk Booking

Interactive floor plans

Tailor your workspace to empower your teams

Powerful space management tools that boost team productivity and saves you unnecessary real-estate costs at the same time.

  • Maximize spaces by assigning teams to Office Neighborhoods on any chosen day of the week

  • Visualize how your spaces are being used now or ahead of time on the interactive floor plan

  • Boost productivity by assigning permanent desks to multiple members of your team

Kadence Office Neighborhoods Schedule
Flexible Booking

Transform the way your teams book desks

Empower individuals with flexible desk booking, customized to their schedule and their teams.

  • Get Smart suggestions whenever your teammates are heading to the office

  • Book multiple desks for you and your teammates in one go just by asking Kadence AI

  • Never waste time to commute by getting notified when your teammate has cancelled their booking

Kadence Smart Booking Suggestion
Data and Reporting

Use data and analytics to drive future decisions for your team

Know how your office space is used, and who uses it to help reduce carbon footprint, save money, and facilitate better team productivity.

  • Visualize desk availability and which spaces are more popular than others

  • Understand the effectiveness of your hybrid working policy by seeing when teams are coming to the office

  • Download and report on space usage or integrate with data platforms you already use

Kadence Office Utilization Data
Enterprise-grade Integrations

Enable your teams to work in the tools they use the most

Kadence integrates inside the tools you and your team already use. Now you can book desks, coordinate your spaces and your teams all in one place.

  • Handle all of your check-in and hot desk booking notifications in one place

  • Effortless adoption and zero set up means your team can start booking desks right away

Microsoft Teams Integration
Boosting Office Utilization To 70% With Kadence
Boosting Office Utilization To 70% With Kadence
Boosting Office Utilization To 70% With Kadence

Discover how Kadence helped MOO create a seamless hybrid working experience that boosted office utilization to 70%.

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Powerful tools for your hybrid workspace

On-site booking

Track office attendance better by allowing employees to make on-site bookings.

Dynamic Neighborhoods

Assign certain areas of the office to any teams within the neighborhood schedule.

Live Office Floormap

See where your teammates are, or which desks are available immediately.

Permanent Desks

Assign hot desks to any individual you choose using the Assigned Desk Schedule.

Mobile app

Check your booking schedule, see who’s going to be in the office, and make desk bookings on the go.

Desk Booking Data

Make desk bookings and see all of your booking data in one place.

Priority Access

Give priority booking access to certain teams ahead of time.


Check into your hot desk using your mobile device or integrate Kadence with your check-in API.

See where your teammates are working with Desk Booking Software
Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our Desk Booking Software

Hot desk booking software enables employees to book a desk with the right amenities they need, check-in when they get there, or even book a desk where their teammates are sitting nearby. It’s an effective tool for workplace managers to manage their workspaces to ensure they’re making the most of their available space.

A good hot desk booking software should feature an easy-to-use interface for your team to easily find and book a desk anytime, anywhere. It should also capture real-time occupancy data to improve desk availability. Most importantly, it should integrate with your team’s weekly schedule for collaboration.

Kadence desk booking software can integrate with popular systems like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more. By integrating with the tools your team uses, you can fully leverage the benefits of desk booking software in your hybrid workplace.

Discover integrations here

Hoteling software is a digital tool that optimizes workspace utilization. Providing a flexible solution, it allows employees to reserve desks whenever they need to, enhancing productivity and fostering a more dynamic work environment. The point of a hoteling software is to support your team and your workspaces.

Yes. Kadence can be customized to fit your office layout, your seating arrangements, and your conference rooms, to enable you to make your workspace work for you. Facility Managers are able create Office Neighborhoods and assign teams to particular areas on any day of the week using the Office Neighborhood Schedule.