hybrid work

Create the best experience for your hybrid workforce

The all-in-one solution with desk and room booking, team scheduling, and visitor management.

Key features

Create the best collaboration experience


Get to know your people better

Gain a deeper understanding of your people through their personal profile. Learn about their booking habits and workplace preferences within their weekly Kadence or which spaces they have booked.

Profile & Team Activity

A quick, simple way to find time together

Get a clear view in advance of who is booked to come into the office at each location or who is working remotely. Improve team coordination by knowing the best time to meet by location or time zone preferences.

Thinking of heading to the office last minute? Get real-time visibility of who is in the office and where they are sitting.

Employee Directory

Connect your people and their schedules

Employee directory allows people to discover and connect with colleagues in the wider business, not just within your team. Keep your people connected and engaged by enabling them to build cross-functional connections.

Employee Locator

Find, book, and share spaces for collaboration

Simplify how employees find and book spaces – whether they need to collaborate with others or simply focus on quiet work for the day.

Search for spaces based on availability, size, and amenities – book quickly anytime on any device.

Visitor Management

Safe and seamless collaboration

Bringing the right people together to collaborate should be simple – our tools enable teams to create meetings and bring visitors on-site to collaborate easily and safely.

How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space

Discover how we helped Softchoice create a seamless hybrid working experience that drives productivity and team engagement.

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Manage your hybrid workplace better

Data export

Easily export employee and bookings data for contact tracing.

Floor plans

Know which spaces are booked or block out particular spaces to implement social distancing.

Buliding closure announcements

Get important announcements, such as office closure via email.

Dedicated customer support

Our all-star customer experience team is always ready to help you.