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Create the best hybrid experience for your teams

The all-in-one hybrid work solution with space management, team coordination, and on-demand flexible space booking.

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Kadence has helped our company return to work. We are in the office three days a week and our employees love how easy Kadence is to use!
Heather Rae Stafford,

Assistant Vice President at Peacock-Gladstone bank

Key features

Facilitate your teams with the tools they need

On-demand Flex Space

Flexible spaces for your distributed teams

Get access to the largest global market of flexible spaces for your distributed teams. Book a hot desk, a meeting room, and make huge savings on your office space costs by only paying for the flex space you need.

A Kadence Flex illustration that shows you where you can find a space to work.
Team Coordination

A quick, simple way to find time together

Get a clear view in advance of who is booked to come into the office at each location or who is working remotely. Improve team coordination by knowing the best time to meet by location or time zone preferences.

Thinking of heading to the office last minute? Get real-time visibility of who is in the office and where they are sitting.

Use Slack or Microsoft Teams to reschedule bookings
Desk Booking

Book the right space for the right task

Facilitate the needs of your teams by enabling them to book the hot desks or conference rooms they require that day. See what spaces are available, and which teammates are working nearby and reserve your space for the times you need.

Hybrid Workplace layout
Space Analytics

Understand your spaces, and reduce costs

Kadence is a tool that makes your space booking data easy to understand. Track booking data across your entire workforce, manage resource utilization, and office attendance in one platform.

Kadence Workplace Insights layout
Workplace AI

Everyone’s Hybrid Working Assistant

Book hot desks and conference rooms, schedule team days with a single prompt. Kadence AI integrates directly with Slack and Microsoft Teams so your teams can stay in their work flow without getting distracted.

How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space

Discover how we helped Softchoice create a seamless hybrid working experience that drives productivity and team engagement.

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Manage your hybrid workplace better

Data export

Easily export employee and bookings data for contact tracing.

Floor plans

Know which spaces are booked or block out particular spaces to implement social distancing.

Buliding closure announcements

Get important announcements, such as office closure via email.

Dedicated customer support

Our all-star customer experience team is always ready to help you.

Hybrid work is a model that mixes in-office work and remote work. It lets employees divide their time between home and office. This approach provides a balance between the flexibility of remote work and the face-to-face connection with your teammates when you’re in the office.

Remote and hybrid work differ mainly in flexibility. Remote work provides more freedom, letting employees work from anywhere. Hybrid work means alternating between home and office work. Remote work isn’t geographically bound, so companies can hire worldwide. In contrast, hybrid work requires regular office attendance.

A hybrid work schedule helps to let your teammates know when you’re going to be in the office so they can plan to come in when you’re there. When you multiply this at scale, companies will find that their teams are far more productive. By allowing their teams to seamlessly coordinate hybrid schedules, employee retention and well-being will vastly improve due to not having to waste a commute to the office.

A hybrid workplace policy sets the rules, values and expectations for employees in a hybrid work model. It details how remote and in-office work will be combined, including when to be present, how to communicate, and office space arrangements.