The Hybrid Manifesto: Principles for Hybrid Work

5 teammates in a hybrid workplace meeting

  • Dan Bladen
  • Author Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-Founder

This post is a summary of the Hybrid Manifesto – a guide to a flourishing Hybrid Workplace Policy. For the full manifesto, please visit

What is The Hybrid Manifesto?

The Hybrid Manifesto is a document that sets out the guiding principles for implementing hybrid workplace policy. It aims to provide companies with a framework for creating a work environment that benefits their People, Profits, and the Planet.

Why did we write it?

We are at a crossroads in time.

With the availability of tools for fully remote work, people no longer need to commute to offices to do their jobs.

However, coming together in person has its own set of unique benefits, such as accomplishing shared goals, connecting as human beings, and building community.

The question is — how do you balance those two things? It’s a daunting task, especially when you’re doing it without the right support.

That’s why we wrote the Hybrid Manifesto.

At Kadence, we’ve helped countless organizations manage the transition to hybrid work over the last few years.

We wanted to use our knowledge to make it easier for every single organization on the planet to understand the foundations and principles behind hybrid work, and give them a framework to optimize their work environment through a hybrid workplace policy.

What are the foundational pillars of hybrid work?

The Hybrid Manifesto defines four key pillars that are essential for successful hybrid work: Trust, Alignment, Execution, and Flourishing.

Trust is the foundation for all team health and performance, and is established through effective, transparent communication.

Alignment ensures that everyone is rowing in the same direction, in sync with their team members and the company.

Execution means that everyone on the team is able to articulate the strategy of the organization and execute it.

Flourishing is the commitment of a hybrid organization to the long-term health of People, Profits, and the Planet.

Building these foundations in an organization has some important long-term benefits.

What are the key benefits of hybrid work?

The Hybrid Manifesto promotes the three key benefits of hybrid work:

1. Shared vision above corporate controls

Personal goals and company goals are aligned, as opposed to being “top-down”

2. Situational flexibility above rigidity and repetitiveness

Empowering people to choose where to work yields better performance and happier employees

3. Meaningful collaboration above individual burnout

The social role of collaboration is protected and valued as an important work tool

By implementing the principles outlined in the manifesto, organizations can achieve increased productivity, reduced burnout, and greater employee retention. Learn more about the Hybrid Manifesto here and how it can benefit your organization.

If you are a company thinking about transitioning to hybrid work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.