hybrid work

Bring your distributed teams together

Bring your team together and drive collaboration with seamless hybrid workplace tools. Build dynamic workplace communities with Kadence.

A Kadence Flex illustration that shows you where you can find a space to work.
We want our employees to use Kadence to support our in-person culture. To have a tool that would help boost creativity, collaboration, conversation, and connection!
Bryony Gilhooly

Head of People Operations at MOO

Key features

Create the best in-person experience

Office activity

Provide visibility into who’s in-office

Eliminate the hassle of wasted commutes! Gain a clear view of team bookings each week, helping you decide if commuting is necessary.

Plan your office visits by checking how busy the office will be each day of the week.

See what Desks are available and make your booking
Interactive floor plan

Make it easy to come into the office

Designed to encourage team building and productivity. Foster office connections by simplify booking process with intuitive interface to book desks, rooms, or collaboration spaces.

Smart Desk Booking Software Suggestions based on when your team are heading to the office.
On-demand Flex Space

Flexible spaces for your distributed teams

Get access to the largest global market of flexible spaces for your distributed teams. Get savings on your office space costs by only paying for the flex space you need.

A Kadence Flex illustration of a map with various office and co-working hub locations that enables you to see where your teammates are working,
Team day planning

Schedule Team Days with Team Kadences

Transform the way you bring your teams together by notifying team members about in-office days.

Allow team managers to suggest in-office days tailored to company needs and individual schedules. Enhance resource allocation and efficiency by minimizing booking conflicts.

Use Slack or Microsoft Teams to reschedule bookings
Boosting Office Utilization To 70% With Kadence
Boosting Office Utilization To 70% With Kadence
Boosting Office Utilization To 70% With Kadence

Discover how Kadence helped MOO create a seamless hybrid working experience that boosted office utilization.

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Bring people back together

Team Activity

See where your team are working and when they’re planning to be in the office in one single view

Colleague Finder

See where your team are sitting in the office so you can book the nearest space available nearby

Smart Booking Suggestions

Get notified with a booking suggestion everytime your starred colleagues are heading to the office

Personal Kadence

Let teammates know when you’re going into the office by plotting it on your weekly schedule

Floor plans

Know which spaces are booked or block out particular spaces to implement social distancing.

Buliding closure announcements

Get important announcements, such as office closure via email.

Slack & Microsoft Teams

Use Slack or Microsoft teams to coordinate with your team and book spaces in advance

Employee Directory

View all employee’s profiles easily and follow their schedule