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Empower Your People to Thrive in your Hybrid Workplace

We understand that in today’s dynamic work environment, flexibility is not just a perk but a necessity. Let us help you create the best hybrid experience, where your people can excel and thrive at work and in life.

Four people sat around a table collaborating, while their Hybrid Work Management Software tells them where their colleagues are.
Hybrid Workforce Management

Measure the success of your hybrid work approach

Kadence helps you easily monitor office attendance, space capacity, and understand team booking habits by seeing who is working where in real time.

Improve how you handle your workspace and your hybrid work policies by checking out all the space booking cancellations. Plan for the needs of your teams ahead of time by visualizing past booking trends.

Compare your teammates schedules for this week and check your daily occupancy levels
Events Planning

Grab lunch, join a club, or grab drinks after work

Create vibrant workplace communities with streamlined event planning. Strengthen team engagement and a sense of belonging by organizing events that build meaningful relationships and unity.

From team lunches that foster meaningful connections to engaging company-wide events, Kadence helps you cultivate motivated and happy teams.

An example of Kadence's Events Management Software
Team Coordination

A simple way to find time together

Thinking of heading to the office last minute? Get a clear view in advance of who is booked to come into the office at each location or who is working remotely.

Improve team coordination by knowing the best time to meet by location or time zone preferences.

See how many starred colleagues are in the office and who from the marketing team has checked in
Workplace Wellbeing

Take care of your people

Give your people and their guests confidence when they come into the office with visitor health screening, and easy check-in.

Accept proof of vaccinations and ask visitors to complete a health check before arrival
Boosting Office Utilization To 70% With Kadence
Boosting Office Utilization To 70% With Kadence
Boosting Office Utilization To 70% With Kadence

Discover how Kadence helped MOO create a seamless hybrid working experience that boosted office utilization to 70%.

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