Workplace Employee Wellbeing

Keeping employees and visitors safe

Prepare for a safe, seamless return to the workplace with health screening and a touchless check-in experience.

Take control of who can access the office and how you’d like your teams to use the spaces, keeping them healthy and productive.

employee safety
Key features

Keeping your workplace healthy and safe

Health Screening

Ensure employees and visitors are safe to be on-site

Get employees to self-certify before arriving on-site, ensuring everyone is aware of the health and safety guidelines.

With a simple pre-screening flow, you can ensure a safe environment to host your visitors, giving you have peace of mind that everyone is safe to be there.

Visitor Management System Health Check
Manage Office Capacity

Interactive dashboard to visualize density and capacity

Take control of how you’d like your teams to use spaces with interactive dashboards to visualize office density and capacity.

Ensure social distancing by making spaces unavailable, with usage tracking for contact tracing.

Hybrid Workplace
Visitor Contact Tracing

Visitor log for contact tracing

More people in your workplace means the right tools are needed to manage the space and people efficiently.

Track each guest entering the office with easily accessible bookings and usage data for contact tracing.

Accurate visitor occupancy data on your spaces
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space
How Softchoice boosted hybrid productivity with less space

Discover how we helped Softchoice create a seamless hybrid working experience that drives productivity and team engagement.

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Manage your workplace better

Data export

Easily export employee and bookings data for contact tracing.

Floor plans

Know which spaces are booked or block out particular spaces to implement social distancing.

Buliding closure announcements

Get important announcements, such as office closure via email.

Dedicated customer support

Our all-star customer experience team is always ready to help you.