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2 months ago

Release 2.0.2

Kadence conference room booking for mobile

Schedule meetings wherever you are, find, book, and invite guests all from your mobile. Choose a room to book for now or later, and check in on your mobile for the exact time of your booking. Coming soon to Android

Available to all users on the Kadence mobile app only

Conference room booking


More Auto-release options for desks

For those who have their bookings released sooner than expected, we felt that having more options with later times gives more flexibility and enough time for users to check-in.

Whether you’ve been called into a last-minute meeting when you’ve just arrived at the office, or your train is running late, these new options make sure you get to keep your booking.

Added options: 1 hour, 1.5 hours,  2 hours & 3 hours

Available to Admins on the Kadence web app only

Auto release


Allow admins to check in/out for others

There are a number of benefits to this feature in terms of how it may be used by an organization. This feature gives additional control to admins, allowing them to action bookings in the event that the user who has booked is unable, or has forgotten to check into their booking. This can also be used by office admins to ensure the accuracy of data or personal assistants to act on behalf of whom they’re assisting, etc.

Check-in permissions:

  1. Super admins – Everyone
  2. Global admins – Everyone
  3. Building admins – Everyone (until we add building-specific settings)
  4. Team managers – Assigned team members who the booking is for (booking owner)
  5. Host of guest booking – Guest

Available to all users on the Kadence web app only

Admins check in/out for others


Remove ‘All Day’ toggle for mobile

For the same reasons as the web app, we have removed the ‘All day’ toggle for the mobile app. We decided instead to replace this with a default booking time that matches close to a typical working day for most companies based on our booking research (9 am – 5 pm). Coming soon to Android

Available to Admins on the Kadence iOS 

All day toggle iOS


Directory sync filter

As it stands, importing teams from Google can be a headache with lots of unnecessary imports. What Kadence now does is it allows Global Admins to select which teams they care about, and sync the teams they actually want within the Kadence app.

Available to Admins and Google users 

Google Active directory sync

  • Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Specialist
3 months ago

Release 2.0.1

Kadence room booking with Google read/write

In all of the same says you can book a room with your Outlook calendar, the same now applies to your Google calendar. Create events, invite your colleagues, choose an available room, and see all of your bookings within the Kadence web app and Google calendar.

Watch the video here and see how it works.

Global admins can also gain valuable room usage data through insights, letting them know, and understand how their rooms are being used.

Available to all users on the Kadence web app only

Room Booking


New ‘Quick help’ widget

Get useful answers to quick questions all from within the Kadence web app. No need to scramble for the answers you need in the moment, simply click on the new Help quick link and find what you’re looking for instantly. Check out our help center

Help Center

Remove ‘All day’ toggle

We have removed the all-day toggle as we found it was a little too vague for our users. It wasn’t inherently obvious that it would book a space for the entire duration of the building’s opening hours. This caused issues with auto-release functionality, particularly with buildings with 24/hr opening hours. We decided instead to replace this with a default booking time that matches close to a typical working day for most companies based on our booking research (9 am-5 pm)

Available to all users on the Kadence web app only

Remove all-day toggle



  • Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Specialist
4 months ago

Release 2.0.3

Microsoft Teams

To make hybrid work even easier for you and your people, we decided it was best to bring Kadence to the tools you and your team already know and use. Users can now fully use Kadence in all the ways they did before, but now within Microsoft Teams. Keep the tools you use as well as all of your communication in one centralized place. Available to all of our users at no extra cost.

Check out the MS Teams Setup Guide to get started, and watch the video here and see how it works.

Available to all users on Kadence web and mobile apps

Microsoft Teams

  • Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Specialist
4 months ago

Release 2.0

Kadence room booking with Outlook read/write

Kadence users can now book the perfect meeting spaces, on the web or mobile app with Kadence room booking. Users can see what rooms are available now on the office floor map, and choose the right space with the amenity and capacity filters.

Choose a room in advance for a team briefing you have coming up, book an available room at the last minute, and see all of your booking details in your Outlook Calendar. Watch the video here and see how it works.

Global admins can also gain valuable room usage data through insights, letting them know, and understand how their rooms are being used.

Available to all users on Kadence web app only

Kadence room booking with outlook



Kadence is now available in Spanish & Swedish

Head to your profile picture on the top right corner of the Kadence web app > Select ‘profile’ > choose ‘settings’ > select your preferred language

Available to all users on Kadence web and mobile apps

Kadence multi-language support


Filter by desk/room/onsite

Within the bookings table, users can now filter by desk and room bookings, as well as see who’s coming onsite on specific days making it easier to find the bookings you want to see. Filtering bookings this way also replicates in CSV files giving you the right data you need.

Go to Bookings > click on the filter icon > open the ‘Type’ filter > select one or more space types > (select any other filters) > click ‘Apply’

Available to all users on Kadence web app only

Kadence space type filter


Everyone can see the office floor map in ‘live view’

A feature once restricted to Global Admins is now available for all users. Employees can now locate who is in the office right now, where they’re working, and how long they plan on being there.

Go to Offices > hover over any orange or blue desk to see who’s booked or checked in already

Available to all users on Kadence web app only

Kadence live view floor map


Multiple team managers

Kadence now allows Global Admins to set up multiple team managers for a team so that others can make/cancel and see bookings. This is helpful in creating the right cover for holiday/sick days, as well as providing autonomy to secondary departmental line managers. 

Go to Directory > Teams > create or edit a team > add 1 or more managers > see team managers in Teams overview

Available on Kadence web app only. Set up by Admins only, impacts all users on all platforms

Kadence assign multiple managers


See my own bookings toggle

Admins can now quickly see their own bookings in the bookings table without having to search for them amongst all other bookings made. 

Go to bookings > toggle on ‘Only my bookings’

Available for Admins and Kadence web app only

Kadence 'My bookings' toggle


Add your desk and onsite booking to your Google or Outlook calendar

All users can now see personal bookings as well as their teammate’s desk, room, and onsite bookings through their Outlook and Google calendars, so they know where their teammates will be working and when. 

How it works

  1. Make a booking through Kadence as normal
  2. In the booking confirmation email choose which calendar you want to add your desk or onsite booking to (Google or Outlook)
  3. Save the booking in your calendar

Not available for guest bookings and recurring bookings

Available to all users on Kadence web and mobile apps

Kadence add booking to google or outlook calendars

  • Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Specialist
5 months ago

Release 1.6.2

Dynamic Neighborhoods

Admins can now set neighborhoods to be public or private. Public neighborhoods give anyone in the company access. Private neighborhoods are restricted to a select group of teams that are visible to other users. Teams can be granted access to a neighborhood on selected days of the week.

Kadence office neighborhoods



Users can now add a desk or onsite booking to their google or outlook calendars.

  • Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Specialist
6 months ago

Release 1.6.1

Visitor management system

Create bookings and invite guests onsite using their email, all within a single platform and within the same booking flow. Admins can set up pre-arrival instructions that get sent automatically which can include a COVID 19 health check for your guest to complete before their arrival to ensure they’re safe to be amongst your people, as well as reminders of your booking up to 24hours before check-in. Coming soon to Android.

Kadence Visitor Management System

  • Petra Lea, Product Manager
7 months ago

Release 1.6

Employee Directory

A colleague directory is now available for all employees using Kadence. This directory provides users with the information they need to inform their booking and collaboration decisions. It also provides users with a directory to get in touch with other users in the company by viewing profile information.



Vaccination Status

Kadence now provides companies the option to enable additional COVID-19 safeguards. These safeguards include vaccination records or COVID-19 test result access. Admins will be able to review employee uploaded photographs of vaccination status documents or test results before allowing users access to booking functionality. A new role of ‘Health admin’ can also be assigned to help manage vaccination records.

  • Michael Bole, Product Manager
8 months ago

Release 1.5.6

User booking status

With a more accurate picture of employee engagement admins can now see if an individual had a booking but did not check-in, or if they forgot to check out. In addition, the booking details page clearly indicates if an employee booking was canceled by an admin for any reason under the status tab.


Release bookings

This new feature offers admins the ability to release spaces when an employee checks out of their booking early. Once enabled in settings, you can ensure your spaces are being used to their fullest at any time of the day. One less thing to think about.

Kadence auto release


Filter users by status

Adding to our already existing filtering features, admins can now filter bookings by status enabling them to get an overview of employees who did not check-in, canceled their bookings, those who checked out early, and any other booking status.

  • Petra Lea, Product Manager
8 months ago

Release 1.5.5

Personal Kadence

Users can now set where they expect to be working on a typical work week. Team members can now easily compare working schedules and easily coordinate with each other. Kadence can also predict where users may be working when they have not made any bookings based on personal Kadence and workspace preferences.

  • know where your team are working and when ahead of time
  • Understand employee habits and space utilization
  • Coordinate individual schedules so you can collaborate


Kadence hybrid software personal kadence


Enhanced profiles

Users can now add the city they are based in. This helps with team coordination across multiple time zones and gives better insight into users’ remote working locations. This information will also allow Kadence to build upon its smart suggestion functionality and insights.

  • Schedule visibility makes it easy to coordinate with your teammates
  • Helps colleagues understand what you do and what teams you are in
  • Shows colleagues your workplace preferences so they can reach you


Kadence hybrid software web profiles


New profile setup

We now provide an optional onboarding flow to help users complete their profiles on sign-up. This onboarding flow ensures that employees don’t miss out on our newly implemented Kadence features including user bio, city/timezone, personal kadence, and workspace preferences.

  • Simple onboarding flow gets users set up quickly from the start
  • Create a short bio, choose your time and location and set up your workplace preferences making it easier to book spaces
  • Plot your weekly Kadence so teammates can see your schedule right away


Kadence hybrid software profile setup

  • Michael Bole, Product Manager
9 months ago

Release 1.5.4

Bulk booking cancellation

A slick improvement to Kadence’s booking process for Admins makes freeing up space and clearing booking backlogs a breeze.

As Admin you will be able to:

  • Quickly cancel multiple bookings in one go
  • Clear out space at the last minute for emergency repair work
  • Free up space fast for events


Kadence hybrid software bulk booking cancelations




Team manager booking cancellation

We’re also following suit with equipping Team Managers with the ability to cancel bookings too. With much better booking and scheduling oversight Team managers can manage their colleagues and the bookings they’ve made with ease.

As Admin you will be able to:

  • Make bookings or cancel bookings for their team
  • See all of their team’s bookings in one place
  • Easily bring their team in on certain days to collaborate


Kadence hybrid software team manager booking and cancelations




Neighborhood Enhancements

A much needed and heavily requested enhancement to neighborhoods that we wanted to pay particular attention to. No more remembering desk names and painfully working with lists. Simply create, add, and manage your neighborhoods effortlessly.

As Admin you will be able to:

  • Create and edit neighborhoods more easily
  • Add and remove desks in a few simple clicks


Kadence hybrid software neighborhood enhancements


  • Petra Lea, Product Manager
10 months ago

Release 1.5.3

Admin delegate booking and cancellation

We’re extending our much beloved ‘Delegate Booking’ feature to all Admins, giving them more power than ever before! Allow your front desk staff or PAs to make bookings on behalf of others. Let office managers control your space better by canceling bookings if the space is needed for an event or maintenance work.

As Admin you will be able to:

  • make bookings on behalf of anyone in your organization and
  • cancel any bookings for anyone in your company
  • web only


Kadence hybrid software admin delegate booking and cancelation


Email check-in reminders

Never miss a booking with email check-in reminders! You have asked for it and we have listened. We are adding email notifications to remind employees to check into their bookings.

  • Employees will receive check-in reminders via email at the start of their booking
  • Employees will receive another reminder 10 minutes before their desk is released (if auto-release has been enabled)
  • Employees can opt-out of email check-in reminders if they don’t want them


  • Petra Lea, Product Manager
11 months ago

Release 1.5.2

Multi-language and date/time support system 

  • Kadence is now available in French on web, iOS and Android
  • New language support system enables other languages to be added easily
  • Supports different date formats (DD/MM/YYY and MM/DD/YYY e.g.) which will be automatically set depending on your chosen language (currently EN UK/US & FR)
  • Supports different time formats (12hr & 24hr) which will be automatically set depending on your chosen language(currently EN UK/US & FR)

Kadence hybrid software multi langauge, date/time zone syustem support


  • Petra Lea, Product Manager
12 months ago

Release 1.5.1

Filter by amenities

  • Find your perfect desk faster by choosing which amenities you need to be your most productive.
  • Available desks will be filtered down to those that have all selected amenities.
  • Available on iOS, Android, and Web.


Kadence hybrid software filter by amenities



  • Petra Lea, Product Manager
12 months ago

Release 1.5

Team overview & activity page

  • See your team and who’s booked to come into the office today, next week, or even next month. Make informed decisions about when to work where and with whom.
  • See team members’ profiles with their booking details and basic contact information
  • The new team overview helps you see all of your teams and who’s in them in one place. This allows you to easily get in-person time with a colleague and helps remote managers to know when their teams are meeting.
  • This release does not include Android yet, only iOS and web


Kadence hybrid software teams activity overview



Updated Profiles

See team members’ profiles with their booking details and basic contact information.

Kadence hybrid software updated profiles



Tables filters

Analyze your data with the help of our new table filters. Filter your data by dates, team, permission level, buildings, and neighborhoods.

Kadence hybrid software tables filters



CSV export of bookings & employees tables

For next-level data analysis download your employee and bookings data into CSV files. Your export is sent via an email link. Data security is important to us so the link will be valid for 24 hours only.

Kadence hybrid software CSV export




  • Petra Lea, Product Manager
1 year ago

Release 1.4.3

Employee headshots

Make sure your office days are a success with the help of our latest feature – headshots. See where your colleagues have booked a desk and select one near them. The days of awkwardly sitting amongst strangers are over!

Kadence hybrid software headshots on floorplan


Recurring Booking

With our new recurring bookings feature you can book a desk for months ahead in one simple flow. Select which days of the week you want to come in and we’ll do the rest by finding you the perfect desk. You can even add parking or book for someone in your team.

Kadence hybrid software recurring bookings


Web Profile

Enabling you to do your best work is paramount to us. That’s why you can now choose which email notifications we’ll send you.

Kadence hybrid software web profile

  • Petra Lea, Product Manager
1 year ago

Release 1.4.1 & 1.4.2

Rooms through Outlook

Getting a full picture of your day is important. That’s why we’ve integrated with Outlook so you can see all your room bookings in Wx.

  • See which rooms have been booked (through Outlook) on our live floor plan and jump into one for one of those ad-hoc meetings
  • Get visibility of all your bookings on one platform (Wx)
  • Check-in and out of room bookings to gather valuable utilization and no-show room dataKadence hybrid software Rooms outlook


  • Petra Lea, Product Manager
1 year ago

Release 1.4

Web Booking

In this release, we’re bringing our beloved desk booking feature into the wider Wx universe by allowing you to book desks directly from your browser.

You can log in from a browser, view & manage your existing bookings, check-in, and, of course, create new bookings.

Kadence hybrid software web booking



Insights are providing vital information so that you as Admin can analyze and optimize office occupancy. View your average daily occupancy by building and floor, see when employees are coming in and monitor your no-shows.

Kadence hybrid software insights



We all need to do our bit to ensure the safety of our colleagues, family, and friends. That’s why we’re bringing you ‘Self-certify’. Set up custom policies your employees must agree to before each check-in. From ‘stay at home if you have these symptoms’ to ‘test if you’re not double vaccinated – you can decide what’s right for your company.

  • Customize the policy name, message, checkbox text, and link
  • Allows for different policies for different buildings
  • Toggle to enforce policy & prevent check-in if it hasn’t been completed
  • Set when certification becomes available
  • Notifications are sent when an employee is able to self certify

Kadence hybrid software self certify


Book parking spaces

No more do you have to leave the house at the crack of dawn to ensure you’ll get a parking space at the office or pay extortionate amounts of money to pay for on-street parking. With our latest feature, you can simply add a car, bicycle, or accessible parking spot to your desk booking giving you this little bit of extra peace of mind.

  • Set what type and how many parking spots a building has
  • Select from general, accessible, electric vehicle, motorbike, and bicycle parking spots

Kadence hybrid software parking

  • Petra Lea, Product Manager

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