People Coordination

Powerful schedules that sync together

Bring clear visibility into personal schedules, streamlining team coordination and communication so your people can collaborate better together.

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Kadence also allows employees to see who’s in the workspace on any given day, making it easier for colleagues to coordinate.

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Powerful integrations

Streamline people coordination

Get a clear view of who’s booked to come into the office on the day or in advance. Improve team coordination, and help them make informed decisions about when, where, and with whom to work.

  • At-a-glance schedules visualized in one place for efficient meeting coordination
  • Plan ahead by knowing when your team plan to be in the office, at which location or if they’re working remotely with team schedule acces
  • Find the ideal meeting room or location in advance by viewing your team’s schedules or by filtering dates
People coordination team activity
People Coordination

Collaborate at the right time and place

Designed with people in mind, Personal Kadence allows users to input a short bio, where they are based, their workplace preferences, and where they expect to be working on a typical week.  

  • Improved employee productivity by allowing your team to choose where and when they work best
  • Teammates can easily collaborate by knowing the best time to meet by location or time zone preferences, hassle-free meeting planning with clear visibility to personal schedules
  • Manage space usage better by understanding employee habits and space utilization

Access to the right people

Employee directory helps your teams find the right people quickly. With an access-all-areas pass, people can now coordinate cross-functionally without restrictions.

  • Discover where people are based, when they work and where 
  • Access anyone’s schedule throughout the whole company, not just in your team
  • Build cross-functional connections by accessing the right people for the right work
  • Directory sync integrations for seamless and quicker setup
People Coordination
People Coordination

Easy team scheduling

The way we work has changed and so has people management. We want to help managers make the best decisions and manage their hybrid teams more efficiently.

  • Access to schedules and bookings of individual team members on when they plan to be in the office, or work remotely
  • Create recurring team schedules to boost engagement and productivity
  • Book and assign desks for team members easily to make the most of their ‘team day’


More features to help you manage
your hybrid workplace better

Multi-language support

Available on mobile and web with additional language support upon request.

Single sign-on

Seamless user experience to roll out quickly across the entire organization.

Data export

Easily export employee and bookings data into CSV files.

Dedicated customer support

Our all-star customer experience team is always ready to help you.

Bringing context to hybrid scheduling

Coordinating schedules is complex, especially with more choices than ever with hybrid working. Help people assemble the right team, and get the right balance of remote and in-person face time so your people can do their best work.

Office floorplan

Collaborate easily with the right information in context

Streamline team workflows

Employee engagement

Boost employee engagement and happiness

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