Kadence Visitor Management System

Welcome Visitors to your workplace

An intuitive and straightforward Visitor Management System that protects your people and boosts front desk efficiency. Create invites, make space bookings and give your visitors a warm welcome on-site.


This is an image Kadence's Visitor Management System that welcomes your guests with check-in notifications
A great work tool to enable Hybrid Working in a dynamic Environment! You can easily see who is in the office, and what resources are being used to enable successful collaboration.
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Key Features

Safety and assurance for all of your guests

Security and Access

Create a safe place your teams and visitors love

Give your guests and teams the best in-office experience by taking control of your security and visitor access.

  • Know who’s in the office at any time during the day in case of emergencies

  • Get notified the moment you guest is in the building

A Check-in notification from Kadence's Visitor Management Software
Visitor Records

Know who came into your building with transparent record keeping

More people in your workplace means the right tools are needed to manage this efficiently. Kadence makes this easy with its powerful Visitor Management System helping to bring people together whilst knowing how your spaces are used.

  • Track each guest entering the office with easily accessible bookings and usage data

  • Know who is visiting the office in real-time or in advance to help make easy decisions on space utilization

  • Visitor records show you how your meeting spaces are being used to help maintain building capacity

Accurate visitor occupancy data on your spaces
Check in and out

The simplest way to bring your visitors on-site without a front desk

Bringing the right people together to collaborate should be simple – now it is.

  • Simple booking flow makes it easy to invite visitors while booking meeting spaces at the same time

  • Fully managed visitor experience for you and your guests with automated reminders and notifications of their arrival

  • Customizable email template for a branded experience

Simple visitor booking
Safety and Compliance

A safe and secure experience for your guests

With an extremely simple pre-screening flow, you can ensure a safe and secure environment to host and manage Visitors coming on-site.

  • Get visitors to self-certify before check in so you have peace of mind that everyone in there is safe

  • Safe, touchless check in for reduced touchpoints

  • Track visitor bookings and space usage with contact tracing data

This is a self-certify notification example
This is an image of an example of the Kadence AI Visitor management system on a mobile device that lets you invite guests in seconds just by prompting it with a question

All you need to make your visitors feel welcome

Arrival Instructions

Send arrival instructions to your guests through your invite

On-site Capacity Limits

Prevent over-crowding by setting on-site capacity limits for each office

Email Invites

Each guest receives an instant email invite with all the details they need


Keep your people safe by setting up a self-certify policy for your guests to complete before arrival


Check-in on your mobile to let your host know you’ve arrived

Instant notifications

Get notified the moment your guest has arrived

Data and Reporting

Keep track of all of your visitor booking data in one place

Desk and Room Booking

Book a desk for your guest or include them in your room booking

See where your teammates are working with Desk Booking Software
Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our Visitor Management System

A Visitor Management System is a crucial tool that enables your organization to efficiently invite, keep track of, and monitor individuals who visit your office. You can also customize your own policies, and procedures to meet your specific needs and requirements.


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A Visitor Management System helps streamline visitor sign-ins by eliminating the need for manual processes. This not only speeds up complicated compliance needs but also greatly enhances security in your workplace by knowing exactly who’s on-site.

See how Kadence AI helps you instantly invite visitors, and book them a desk, just by using a single prompt.

A great Visitor Management System will be easy-to-use, fast, and efficient. Holding a digital log of everyone who is the office, sending host notifications to let you know your guest has arrived, as well as the ability to integrate with your other working systems are key things to look for when searching for a robust Visitor Management System.


Companies of all sizes and industries benefit from using visitor management or visitor check in software. No matter if you have one visitor a day at a small office or hundreds around the world. No matter if you are a manufacturing facility with strict regulations or a tech company that prioritizes the workplace experience for important guests. A visitor management system is able to scale to the size and needs of your specific business.