Kadence Flex

Flexible Office Space Booking For Hybrid Teams Globally

Get access to the largest global market of flexible office space for your distributed teams. Book a hot desk, a meeting room, or even a private office space in any location globally, and make huge savings on your office space costs by only paying for the flex space you need.

An absolute game-changer to empower teams with the autonomy and flexibility, as well as provide our business with a unified experience across our leased and flex portfolio.
Jeff Gwinnett

Senior Director, Workplace Experience & Sustainability at Softchoice

Key Features

Flexible Office Space On Demand

flex spaces

Get access to thousands of flexible office space near you

Discover thousands of flexible office spaces, flexi spaces, and co-working spaces near you. With just a few clicks, book the perfect spot for you and your team, whether it’s a shared office, serviced office, or a dedicated desk.

  • Make hot desking arrangements for you and your team members

  • Reserve meeting rooms for important gatherings

  • Gain instant access to on-demand office spaces for remote and hybrid work

A Kadence Flex illustration that shows you where you can find a space to work.

Only pay for the office space you need

Cut back on your real-estate costs and ditch the long leases on your office space. Kadence Flex now unlocks a global network of private offices, conference rooms, flexible office space, and more. All with rental terms including short-term leases, monthly rolling contracts, and pay-as-you-go options.

  • Maximize savings by only paying for the space you need

  • Manage spending budgets for each team by setting up permissions based on location, and space type

  • Enjoy the freedom of flexible working with tailored payment options

A Kadence Flex illustration that shows you available conference rooms to book and how much they cost.

One Platform for
Your Distributed Workforce

Streamline Coordination

Coordinate your entire workforce in one place

The fastest way to cut back on your office spend is by seeing how much your office is used on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With Kadence Flex, you can keep track of real-time bookings, measure the success of your hybrid workplace policies, and coordinate your teams in one platform.

  • See all of your booking data across your leased and on-demand coworking space in one centralized platform

  • Gain insights into popular office space choices to optimize spending

  • Choose the best flex space options for your teams based on the distance of your central office space HQ

A Kadence Flex illustration of the Activity Map showing Top Locations, 453 Reservations, and how many people booked, checked in or canceled.
Seamless connectivity

Join your team wherever they’re working

Planning to meet your favorite teammates in the office can be a huge challenge. Especially when everyone is on a different schedule or in a different location. Now with Kadence Flex, you can see where all your teammates are working ahead of time so you can join them in the office space that’s closest to you.

  • Get notified every time your teammate has made a booking or canceled their booking

  • Schedule recurring team days in the closest flexible office space that’s best for everyone

  • Follow your favorite teammate’s schedule to plan to meet up ahead of time

A Kadence Flex illustration of a map with various office and co-working hub locations that enables you to see where your teammates are working,
Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Kadence Flex

A flexible office space, such as a shared office or flexible workspace, offers various work options, from stylish hot desks to relaxed open offices and vibrant coworking areas. Due to COVID-19, companies are recognizing the importance of these adaptable setups for productivity, teamwork, and adaptability, and they’re leveraging technology to effectively manage and comprehend these work environments.

A flexible workspace offers different kinds of office setups like private offices, open areas, and shared facilities to suit different work preferences. On the other hand, a coworking space is all about creating a community where independent workers and small businesses can collaborate and network while sharing the same workspace.

You can start booking on-demand workspaces if your company has Linked its Kadence and LiquidSpace account. Once they have done this, users will gain access to hybrid workspaces across the globe. On their first booking, users will need to log in to LiquidSpace. Those without LiquidSpace accounts will have an account generated for them during this process. Read here to learn how to get started with on-demand space booking.

Yes. In Kadence you can set up regular times for you and your teams to meet in any flex office location available. If you’re a Team Manager just go to edit your teams and set up a Team Kadence to determine the office location, the regularity of your team days and when you’d like it to start. Read more here on how to set up a Team Kadence.

Yes. There are several ways for you to see where your teammates are working on the day you’re planning to head to the office. You’ll either get notified when they’ve made a booking which will tell you where they will be working that day, or you can go to create a booking and find which office they’re in that way. You can also see where they plan to be working in the future by checking out their profile or in your Starred Colleagues list. However, the quickest way to find where your teammates are working is by asking Kadence AI to get an instant response.