Security at Kadence

Empowering a safe, secure hybrid workplace

Kadence utilizes enterprise-grade best security practices to protect customer data. We take our responsibility toward security seriously and want to ensure our development and deployment processes are safe and robust.


Enhanced security with SSO

Kadence integrates with platforms your teams already use, streamlining workflow to boost productivity and maintain cyber security.

SSO integrations and directory sync reduce all user logins to one single step for greater security and convenience.


Integrates right into your workflow

Kadence is SOC 2 compliant. We also maintain Cyber Essentials certification. All of our infrastructure partners are SOC 2 compliant & ISO 27001 certified, and are continuously being monitored.

These are logos are of AICPA SOC type 2 and Cyber Essentials certifications

Data security

We take our responsibilities towards customer data seriously; we will only store data that is absolutely necessary for the functioning of our solution. All of our data is encrypted both in-transit via HTTPS/TLS 1.2+ and at rest.

More features to ensure a secure workplace

Penetration testing

All our systems are penetration-tested at least annually by third-party specialists. All mobile apps are also tested to the OWASP MASVS standard.

Security training

Consistent and up-to-date security training is provided to all staff, keeping the team informed of new security threats and best practices.

Continual Security Control Montioring

We monitor security controls across our organization through automated alerts and evidence collection supported by Drata.

Dedicated customer support

Our all-star Kadence customer experience team is always ready to help you.

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