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To many people, hybrid working as a concept is simple – employees split their time between remote and in-office work. But there are variations in the execution, each involving different work models, degrees of flexibility and coordination.

The past few years have pushed companies in every industry to make drastic adjustments to their workplace strategy. Companies that get hybrid right are going to outperform their competitors. But any approach needs management, and hybrid work doesn’t just happen.

We’re bringing together tips and advice on the strategies, policies, and tools you can use to make hybrid work for your business and, most importantly, your people.

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How to create a hybrid workplace that puts your people first

Creating a people-centric workplace is more than just offering perks and benefits in the new era of work. Businesses will need to address the challenges that comes with new work patterns and how people now want to work.
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Hybrid OS: Your Company’s Workplace Operating System

Have you installed it yet? Hybrid OS: the new operating system that countless businesses worldwide depend on to help manage their people, projects and spaces. Now, of course we don’t mean an actual operating system…

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5 reasons why hybrid work builds healthier communities

Business leaders contemplating the balance between remote and in-person work face an important question: With so many moving parts, how can I ensure our company culture and community don’t suffer? Unfortunately, the answer to this…



6 hybrid work personas your company needs to know about

… and what you can do to help them thrive. The world of work has changed beyond recognition. Going into the office 5 days a week feels like a relic of the past, yet we’re…

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Let us help you take the hassle out of hybrid work

We feel for the workplace managers who’ve been given the task of converting previously ‘traditional’ offices into hybrid working havens – with little to no foundations on how to build this new model. Feel free to get in touch with our team for a chat, we’ve gained a lot of insights into what works and what doesn’t, and are more than happy to share them with you!

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Debunking 6 Myths About Hybrid Work in 2023

As more and more companies begin to embrace hybrid work, there are still a number of myths floating around about what exactly “hybrid” means. These myths can be disheartening to business leaders considering the switch….



Effective Hybrid Meetings 101: Best Practices & Tips To Get Your Team On The Same Page

It’s the dawn of a new era at the office. You want to navigate your hybrid workplace efficiently and get the most out of every meeting to ensure that exchanging information inspires innovation, collaboration, and…


We surveyed 1,500 workers across the US and the UK and discovered that more than half (54%) want to return to the office 2-3 days a week.

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