Kadence AI
Use AI to book the spaces you need

Now everyone has an assistant. Kadence AI is the hybrid workplace AI solution you’ve been waiting for. Book desks and conference rooms, invite visitors and coordinate your team’s movements just by asking Kadence.

Natural conversations
Schedule meetings and book desks in seconds
These are logos of Microsoft Teams and SlackIntegrates into your existing workflow
3 profile picture headshots of 2 females and 1 maleDiscover when your teammates are going to the office
Frequently Asked Questions

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Hybrid Workplace AI is a revolutionary step to helping teams within hybrid organizations be more productive in their work. By streamlining long and lengthy tasks and processes, Kadence AI allows teams to coordinate with one another, book the spaces they need and manage their booking schedule just by asking Kadence.

No, the prompts are not used for training. Data handling and protecting your data are our top priorities.

Absolutely. If you do not wish to fully utilize Kadence AI you can opt out at any time you like. If you have any concerns or questions about the security of your data, please refer to our privacy policy or get in touch here – we’re happy to help.