Conference Room Booking

Room Booking Software built for your spaces

Say hello to streamlined Conference Room Booking Software, maximizing available space. Our smart-driven platform simplifies the reservation process, enabling you to quickly book what you need so you can focus on what really matters: productive meetings to drive your business forward.


Room Booking Software you can rely on

Room Booking

Book a room wherever you are

View room schedule availability and book meeting rooms on the fly. Always have the right space and amenities to facilitate your team’s productivity.

  • Easily book available meeting rooms for last-minute meetings wherever you are

  • Invite guests and choose the right amenities in seconds

  • Improve room schedule availability with check-in reminder notifications

Google & Outlook Calendar

Discover room booking availability now so you can plan ahead

Get a complete view of all room booking availability inside the calendars you already use, allowing you to plan ahead and book what you need.

  • Book meeting rooms directly from your Google and Outlook calendar, and invite colleagues with just a few clicks

  • Search for available meeting rooms and filter by preferred location, capacity, and amenities available

Room Scheduling Integrations

Room Scheduling Software inside the tools your teams already use

Get the best out of your room scheduling software by seamlessly integrating it within the tools your team already use. See room availability ahead of time, book conference rooms for last-minute meetings, and see it’s usage data all in one place.

  • Find, book, and check-in via Kadence mobile app or Microsoft Teams

  • Get instant room scheduling and check-in notifications

  • Coordinate meetings, plot them in your calendar and communicate with your teams all within one place

Room Booking Insights

Insights that help you cut costs and drive efficiency

Get a complete view of all room availability and usage in a single dashboard.

  • Get a clear view of your room utilization with real-time booking data

  • See which teams use your rooms the most and which rooms are the most popular

  • Make better forecasting decisions based on advanced room booking data and the needs of your teams


Easily manage your Room Scheduling


Discover your ideal room

See what rooms are available now, or ahead of time for your meeting


Choose what you need

Customize your room set up with the amenities you need


Book and send invite

Confirm your booking and notify your team

With Kadence, we’re able to get a clear overview of how much of our workplace is being used and the future demand for it; and how spaces can be reconfigured.

Softchoice Workplace Experience Lead


All you need for Conference Room Booking efficiency

Quick Book

Find and book any available conference room for the exact times you need

Meeting Room Visibility

See an entire overview of meeting room availability in one place

Live Room Booking Data

See how your rooms are being used in real-time

Conference Room Amenities

Add amenities to your conference rooms to faciliate the needs of your teams


Automatically release cancelled or ‘no-show’ room bookings back into the bookings pool


Add catering requirements along with your room booking

Check-in Reminder

Get instant notifications to remind you to check into your booking

Advanced Booking

Customize the advanced booking window so your teams can book rooms for their meetings ahead of time

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our Conference Room Booking Software

Conference Room Booking Software is a digital solution that completely transforms the way you manage your meeting spaces. It provides real-time visibility of room schedule availability, effortless room reservations, and seamless calendar integrations for efficient room scheduling. Whether it’s a meeting room, conference room, or any shared space within your organization, this system ensures they are utilized effectively.

Room Booking or Room Reservation Software allows you to effortlessly handle bookings across multiple rooms and buildings. With Kadence you can filter available rooms based on location, capacity, or resources, check real-time availability, and book rooms according to your specific requirements. You can even manage event details by attaching all necessary information to each booking so your team knows what the meeting is about.

Booking a room through Google & Outlook is an easy way to keep all of your room bookings in a tool your teams already use. Once you have your Google or Outlook room booking software integration set up, simply create an event, fill out your meeting information, invite your teammates, and choose any available room from the list.

Using Kadence as your room scheduling software in Outlook is easy. For setting up a new meeting, you’ll first need to click on the ‘Scheduling Assistant’ button, located on the ribbon. You can find the ‘Room Finder’ button next to the ‘Location’ field, or alternatively, you can choose ‘Browse with Room Finder’ positioned at the bottom of the suggested locations list. To select a specific room, use the ‘Show a room list’ drop-down menu.

The best way to manage meeting room bookings is to firstly create and establish each meeting room capacity along with it’s amenities. Second is to implement a booking and check-in process to help your teams see what meeting rooms are available, book the rooms they need and check-into them. Lastly you need to be able to see all of your room booking data to understand which rooms are used the most, by whom, and when to determine necessary improvements you may need to make.

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