Introducing our new Visitor Management System: Create the best and safest workplace impression

  • Luke Christian-Farman
  • Author Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Manager

In any organization the first impressions of the office count. The office in many ways is the physical manifestation of company culture, similarly equaled to inviting guests into your home. It’s a big deal to any CEO, and now with a workforce well versed in compliance procedures, having an easy-to-use visitor management system that keeps your people and guests safe as they return to the office in floods is just as important. I mean, how do companies really keep up? 

At Kadence we believe that when people collaborate together in great spaces, that’s where the magic truly happens, and now keeping them safe in the process is a win-win for everyone. We thought: what if we had a tool that allowed users to invite guests on-site for meetings, team collaboration, or contracted work? And when they came in they saw every space filled with magical team collaboration, and they were all completely safe to be there? Umm…I wonder what first impression that would give? 

Oh wait…we did that!

Create bookings and invite guests within a single platform 

All within the same flow, users can make a booking for themselves, for their teammates, or for their guests. It simply couldn’t be easier. Our new visitor management system not only makes you a professional meeting planner in seconds, it also completely changes the way bookings for everyone are made in your hybrid workplace, thanks to Kadence.

Kadence visitor management
Create bookings and invite guests in one place

Invite guests onsite in seconds

No more using separate platforms to invite guests onsite. These take even more time and can easily frustrate the most patient of people. As well as being able to invite external visitors onsite in the blink of an eye using their email address, Kadence also sends booking invitations to guests, arrival instructions, and even a health check – all on-brand. Now that’s a great first impression if ever there was one!

Kadence visitor management system
Create ‘onsite’ bookings for your visitors in just a few clicks

Keep everyone safe

In an effort to ensure that everyone who comes into your office is safe to be there, admins can set up pre-arrival instructions that get sent automatically. These can include your company’s health check policy, as well as any other requirements such as providing proof of vaccination upon their visit, and location directions including how to get there or where to park. Admins can ensure guests self-certify by completing a health check before arrival to say that they have no COVID symptoms, and if there ever was an outbreak, admins can easily get a list of who was on site for contact tracing to prevent further spreading.

Kadence visitor management system
Streamline complex compliance procedures and policies

How it works?

Getting Started

  1. Log in on the Kadence mobile app or desktop platform and go to ‘Settings’  ‘Visitor management’.
  2. Enable the ‘Visitor management’ feature
  3. Upload your company logo
  4. Add guest arrival instructions and/or entry requirements to your building.

Inviting guests

  1. Start a new booking and select ‘desk’ to reserve a space for your guest to work, or ‘onsite’ if your guest is visiting the office for a meeting and doesn’t need a desk.
  2. Select the date & time of your booking. These can be ‘all day’, ‘recurring’, or standard bookings.
  3. Enter your guest’s email address and their name so they can receive a personal invitation, and reminders. (if you’re making an onsite booking, then you’re done here)
  4. Select a desk and confirm your booking
  5. Guests will receive an invitation via email along with your health check policies for them to complete prior to arrival
  6. A follow-up reminder is sent to your guest up to 24 hours before they are due to arrive onsite
  7. On the day your guest will receive an email allowing them to ‘check-in’ up to 30 minutes before their booking; notifying the host of their arrival
  8. If for any reason the booking is canceled, both the host and guest will receive an email