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Experience the ease of scheduling in-office team days in a hybrid work environment.

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Unlock the power of
Hybrid Team Scheduling

Team Scheduling

Team Productivity

Transform Team productivity and performance

Discover how Team Kadences gives you the edge in helping you nurture strong team dynamics that greatly enhances productivity and overall team performance just by bringing them together.

Improve Communication

Solve core problems faster

Learn how Team Kadences can enhance your team’s communication, fostering a more collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Know who’s coming in and when ahead of time with Smart Suggestions to make every commute to the office count.

Team Scheduling
Team Scheduling

Team Days

Get ‘Team Day’ Smart Suggestions

Experience how you can set customizable suggested in-office days for each team you manage.

Select which days, which office, and how often, you want to bring your teams together to create a regular rhythm of team collaboration your employees can always expect.

Streamline Recourses

Streamline resource allocation & efficiency

Streamline your workflow, reduce friction, minimize team booking conflicts, and allow for smoother operations to ensure seamless coordination that maximizes the utilization of office space.

Hybrid Working

Stronger teams

Strengthen Team Bonds

See the difference Team Kadences can make in building stronger, more effective relationships among your team members. Choose the best in-office day that works for the company, as well as your team, facilitating better collaboration and coordination among team members. 

Team Scheduling made easy with Team Kadences

See how Team Kadences enables Managers to set clear team day expectations that provide Smart Suggestions for in-office days. 

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Learn More About Team Scheduling with Team Kadences

What are Team Kadences?

Team Kadences is a revolutionary way for Team Managers to bring their teams into the office on any day of the week they choose on a recurring basis by scheduling in-office team days. These appear as Team Day Smart Suggestions within each team member’s personal schedule on their Homepage dashboard reminding them to see who’s in and book a space that day.

Can team managers easily adjust Team Kadences based on changing business needs or unforeseen circumstances?

Yes. Team Managers can choose to suggest whichever days they feel is best at the time based on the needs of the company, and employee Kadences. They can customize which days of the week/month, when they want their Team Kadences to start, as well as which neighborhood to make your booking in.

What happens when multiple team members have overlapping scheduling preferences for in-office days?

If you are part of multiple teams and you have the same suggested day, we list that day and a breakdown of your other teams in a tooltip.

If you have multiple teams with team days on different days, we show them all, helping you decide the best days/times to head to the office.

What measures are in place to ensure the privacy and security of team members’ scheduling information?

It’s right to think of the safety and security of your teams. It’s also important to know that Team Collaboration is hinged on the transparency of individual schedules so that team managers can rally their team members together to collaborate on important objectives. With Kadence Team Managers have the flexibility to manage their teams in a way that benefits their team members as well as company objectives.