Release 2.0.12
Luke Christian-Farman
Product Marketing Manager
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Priority Access Booking

Kadence allows Team Leaders and Facility Managers to enhance team productivity by granting priority access to space bookings for key teams. Just go to the desired neighborhood, turn on the ‘Early Access’ toggle, and choose the teams that should have priority access on certain days.

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Priority Desk Booking Platform for Hybrid Workplaces

*Available on the Kadence web app  


Coordinator Role

The importance of finding the right balance between system security and preventing unauthorized changes when it comes to roles and permissions is essential for ensuring smooth processes. With the New Coordinator Role, you can provide individuals with access to perform administrative tasks related to people without the worry of unauthorized modifications to your buildings.

Grant 'Coordinator' role permissions to individuals in Kadence desk booking software.

*Available on the Kadence web app 


Individual Working Hours on iOS

This unique feature has already changed the game for our customers who are looking to tailor desk bookings to their schedule to make it easier and faster every time they want to book a desk. On that note, we’ve made it available to iOS users too.

Edit your profile's working hours on your hybrid desk booking platform.

*Available to all users on the Kadence web app & iOS only