New rooms features for hybrid working

The beginning of the ‘Return to the office’ is already happening as floods of working professional go-getters are eager to rekindle ‘colleague community’ and participate in a new era of hybrid working. Understanding that digitizing real-life connection does work for a portioned percentage of our professional roles but it doesn’t support the same stimulative collaboration you get when you’re in the same room together. 

Tipping the balancing scales in favour of fully remote is never a good idea but finding an efficient balance between remote working and returning to the office is vital for successful hybrid working. The key is finding the right easy-to-use tools to help integrate this new working eco-system into organisations. Tools to enable this balance by managing office spaces in a way that empowers your people and makes them more productive. This is why easy desk and room management software is more important now than ever.

Kadence Rooms is just the tool to help give your employees the greatest experience at work, together with their team. Today, we’re thrilled to release our hot new Rooms feature to successfully enable colleague collaboration, focused idea sessions or even pitches and presentations.

Here are some of the features we’re most excited about:

Your entire booking schedule in one place

For employees, the ability to see everything in one place is a huge driving factor for being more productive. Having a single go-to place that shows you all of your upcoming meetings and room bookings makes organisation and time management easier for your entire squad. With the Kadence mobile app you can be kept in the loop and know exactly where to be and at what time which means your team can spend less time organising and more time collaborating.

Calendar syncs for easy room booking

Part of making your day to day seamlessly simple and organised is having a useful tool that integrates with all of the other important tools you have to use. Having your schedule synced across all of your devices makes your Kadence mobile app productivity tool even more powerful. Now when you make a booking, accept invites and organise your day, it shows on your calendar.

Dynamic and smart meeting room management

With hybrid working it’s more important than ever to manage the spaces you have. With Rooms you get a clear view of who is in or out of the office with a real-time booking system. You can also see your occupied spaces and know what’s available enabling you to optimize your spaces further for your team. With a single dashboard housing customizable features for room access, administrators and workplace leaders can get a complete view of all meetings and space availability.

Safe, seamless room check-in experience

As more employees return to the office it’s critical that workplace environments are safe environments to work in. Currently reducing touchpoints is one easy solution to ensure your space is safe. It also shows your team you care for their health which will give them peace of mind in the office and allow them to work without worry. With touchless mobile check-in employees can simply tap on their own device, self certify before booking and locate their reserved meeting spaces with a color-coded floorplan.

Book a demo with one of our team today to see how Kadence could help you create an effective hybrid workplace.