Touchless traffic light solution for desks gives employees confidence to get back to work safely

Kadence for Desks is the new touchless desk management solution, with traffic light style indicator, that gives employees visual confidence to use flexible unassigned desks post-covid.

San Francisco and London, September 17, 2020 Kadence, the leading provider of cloud-connected smart wireless charging technology, has launched Kadence for Desks. It includes a wireless charging LightRing visual indicator that shows employees which desks are clean and available for use. The traffic light visual, combined with touchless check-in and convenient wireless power provides an improved safe and frictionless desk experience, with space utilization data insights to help optimize flexible working strategies.

At the end of 2019, over 73% of workplaces globally were rolling out flexible working strategies to enable more efficient use of real estate. Now, in the midst of COVID-19 when employees are predicted to visit the workplace less regularly, there is even more pressure on the real estate footprint. Flexible working is becoming even more of a necessity for a safe return to the workplace. However assigning, managing and cleaning hundreds, if not thousands, of desks across multiple office locations is a challenge for even the most agile organisations.

“It is now clear that hybrid working is here to stay and Covid has rapidly accelerated how organizations best utilize their real estate. Kadence for Desks means organizations are empowered to overcome the challenges around reducing touchpoints, clear communication to employees and optimizing space utilization. As more mobile and flexible ways of working become the norm, Kadence provides organizations with a crucial tool for a safe, confident and efficient return to the workplace.”

Dan Bladen, Co-founder and CEO at Kadence.

Kadence for Desks means that flexible desk policies such as hoteling and hot-desking can be implemented with confidence. The Kadence wireless charging LightRing uses the internationally known traffic light colours to clearly and intuitively show when a desk is safe to use. An employee knows green means clean and places their smartphone on the LightRing to enable a safe, touchless desk reservation or check-in. When a reservation ends the LightRing turns red, making it clear that the desk should not be used. Janitorial staff are instantly notified and when cleaning is complete they use the Kadence RFID keyfob to change the desk status to green, making the desk available for use again.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise who include Kadence for Desks in their portfolio of solutions to help customers with a safe return to the workplace stated:

“Kadence for Desks enables workplace leaders to provide a safe return to the office by setting social distancing policies and density rules, whilst providing clear visual communication on when desks are safe to use. This combined with a safe, touchless interaction with shared resources, and useful occupancy data insights, is a winning combination for a post-Covid workplace strategy.”

Christopher Riddles, Global IoT Workplace and Building Services Lead, HPE Pointnext Services at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Kadence for Desks
is available now, with the Kadence LightRing becoming available in Q4 2020. Kadence for Desks completes a full end to end desk management solution when integrated with your favourite desk scheduling software. Get in touch with our team to find out more.