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Hybrid Team Coordination

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  • Author Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Lead

Hybrid workplaces are difficult to organize especially when it comes to team coordination. In the past, people were predictable and spaces were static. In hybrid, people are unpredictable and spaces are flexible.

With each individual getting their best work done on their own terms, wider teams can sometimes find themselves struggling for rhythm and Kadence.

That can be problematic — after all, the performance of your company depends on the productivity of your teams.

That’s why we’re introducing Team Kadences — our game-changing team coordination feature. With Team Kadences, team managers can schedule in-office team days based on their colleagues’ availability and preferences — so you can intentionally bring your team together with greater impact.

Let’s dive in.


Set team office days in secondsTeam Coordination

Team Kadences gives office and team managers a quick and seamless solution for planning days when team members are expected to come in.

Set recurring days, every week or month, as well as when you want your team days to begin. Then choose a particular location and neighbhorhood suited to your team, and watch your team start to come together with higher frequency and intention.

Make a plan that works for everyoneTeam Coordination

It can be hard to make a plan for your team to meet when schedules conflict and office attendance is unpredictable.

Kadence helps you find the optimal times to meet based on employee schedules and space availability — allowing you to successfully schedule the right Team Kadence on a regular basis.

Once you’ve set up your Team Kadence, team members will then receive Smart Suggestions on their User Homepage Schedule to let them know it’s a team day. That way, they can book their space in the office on the week and day they are expected to come in.

The result? Everyone’s on board with the plan, all the time. Next stop: doing your best work together.

Enjoy the benefits of in-person collaborationTeam Coordination

Remote collaboration produces reasonable results — but in-person collaboration produces great results. That’s not to mention a whole load of other benefits.

Kadence recognizes the power of in-person work for both your company and your people.

A regular Team Kadence means boosting your teams’ output and performance — while also giving employees something to look forward to and an important source of personal connection and relationship building.

No more commuting to HQ to find an abandoned office floor and underwatered plants — with Team Kadence you’ll know the commute is always worth it.

Final word

As a CEO or office manager, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to boost the performance of your teams, cut down unnecessary costs, and keep everyone happy as you do it.

By setting up fixed days for team office attendance, you’ll ensure your physical workspace is never inefficiently used.

By harnessing the power of in-person work, you’ll keep your employees happy and healthy.

And by coordinating your teams on a regular basis, you’ll enable them to do their best work together — more often than ever before.

Bring it all together with Team Kadences.


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