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Reduce office space by 63% and boost employee retention by 35%

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There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to “the best hybrid working strategy”.

Every company will have its own approach that works best for its people.

The key takeaway? Companies that embrace hybrid will outperform their competitors.

Speak with an expert today to gain invaluable insights from real winners who have make hybrid work for their people.


Discover the best practices that have allowed Kadence customers to:

  • People: Boost retention by 35% when flexible work is given as an option
  • Profit: Reduce spaces by 63% while maintaining a productive hybrid workforce
  • Planet: 30% Reduction in carbon emission with a reduced real estate portfolio

How can we help?

Creating a winning hybrid working strategy and ensuring that you have the right mix of spaces, tools and support for your people.

Hybrid strategy

Recommendations on crafting a hybrid strategy tailored to your business goals that supports your people.

Best practices

Best practices from our customers on how they have driven office adoption.

The tools you need

Quick demo of the Kadence tools to help manage your flexible spaces and hybrid workforce.