3 New Features To Bring Your Team Together Regularly

  • Luke Christian-Farman
  • Author Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Manager

The traditional office served its purpose in the old era of workplace. Employees would commute to work and plan to be at their desk before their official start time to show loyalty and good attendance. Then diligently remaining focused on their work the seen employee would be sat at their station for the majority of the day. Pre-pandemic this was a normal way of working. Post….abnormal.

As we shift from the old ways of locked-in working patterns, companies that now adopt a flexible working culture are on the right track to boost efficiency, cost and growth for the long term. Those that ignore these signs will sadly fall behind. 

Welcome to the new era of work. A cataclysmic shift in the new eco-system of work post-pandemic and it’s growing fast.

Throughout this last holiday season amongst the relaxed, recuperating summer vibes we’ve been working hard at building some features we’re really excited about here at Kadence. On our journey alongside you, having listened to your struggles we’ve moved one step further to produce another set of fantastic flexible working tools to help you unleash the power of potential in your team by joining in the new era of work. 

Find your teammates easily with personalized headshots

Putting a face to the name of your teammates, especially if you’ve never met, is important for community building, visibility and transparency. Now with personalized headshots you can upload your profile picture and easily see the faces of your friends and colleagues on the floor plan view when making your booking – one step further in humanzing hybrid.

Set a weekly rhythm with recurring booking

If you and your team have a weekly cadence of regularly being in the office on a certain day of the week you can now set up recurring booking. This feature allows you to select specific days of the week and book them on a recurring basis for either yourself or on behalf of others in your team.

For example, you can decide to bring your team in on a Tuesday and Thursday every week for 2 months to work on a particular project. Set a start and end date, Kadence does the rest by finding available desks for you to choose from, meaning one less thing to worry about and reassurance of guaranteed spaces for you and your team to connect. Any conflicts will be displayed and you can also add parking spaces to your booking as you would normally. Easily bring your team together regularly with fast, hassle-free and time saving recurring booking. 

Personalize productivity with your web profile

We recognize consistency and functionality are key pillars in being productive. This is why we believe a smart move in working towards autonomous work in the new era includes autonomy across your devices. Now with web profile functionality, you can mimic the same email notification preferences as well as your preferred office and floor to work from on the web view (as can on your mobile app).

Kadence then automatically populates available space options for you to choose from to save you entering your preferences every time you make a new booking. Again, we recognize consistency and functionality are key pillars in being productive. Enjoy!

Book a demo with one of our team today to see how Kadence’s desk and room booking software could help you create an effective hybrid workplace.