Kadence and Belkin International Team Up to Unlock the Potential of Smart Wireless Charging For Business

Kadence, the market leader in the cloud management of wireless charging technology, has announced a collaboration with consumer electronics leader, Belkin International to integrate Kadence’s smart technology with Belkin’s BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Spot.

Kadence’s smart technology enables two-way communication between Belkin’s wireless charging hardware with the Kadence Cloud management platform, providing dashboards with analytics that give actionable insights on customer behavior, as well as diagnostics on the health of the charging spots in the network.

Wireless charging as a service

Coupled with Belkin’s wireless hardware, this collaboration transforms wireless charging into a service for businesses, providing a valuable amenity for customers and offering a unique touchpoint to engage and enhance end-user experience for customers, employees and guests.

For businesses deploying wireless charging at scale, this service:

Dan Bladen, CEO and co-founder of Kadence, said:

“Smart wireless charging is doing for power what Wi-Fi did for connectivity, and soon wireless charging will be as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi. We have joined forces with the global leader in wireless charging to give businesses the best opportunity to deploy effectively at scale, while monetizing a service that is much in demand. We are taking wireless charging to the next level, using it as a trigger-point that enhances customer experience adding real value to businesses.”

Jon Roepke, director of product management at Belkin International, said:

“We continue to focus on delivering a seamless, convenient, and optimal mobile power experience to the consumer. Our dedication to people-inspired design and quality from user testing and prototyping to regulatory compliance and manufacturing maintains our global leadership in wireless charging. And with the added functionality of Kadence’s technology, we are excited to deliver enhanced services to hospitality, retail and enterprise environments.”

Committing to a wireless world

2019 is set to be a milestone year for the wireless charging world, following on from announcements at end of last year from technology giants – including Apple, Google and Huawei – proclaiming their commitments to a wireless world, altogether redefining consumer expectation on powering up.

The monumental shift to this method of charging drives the need for businesses to make a change, particularly to meet the demands of today’s always-on, always-connected consumer.

Kadence CEO and co-founder Dan Bladen talks to Belkin International Product Manager Jack Blanche at CES 2019 about the new partnership between Kadence and Belkin:

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