Coming in June 2022: Microsoft Teams & Room booking integrations

  • Author Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Specialist

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re bridging the gap between you and your favorite tools. By combining all of these useful workflows under one roof, Kadence is making it even easier for you to engage with your work and your teams.

Microsoft Teams by Kadence

One of the best things about Kadence, is that it works with the tools your team already uses, and the MS Teams app for many companies is the tool of choice to help connect your people.

With this simple integration you can now use Kadence in all of the ways you did before to book spaces, see when your teammates are in the office, and more, except this time, all of your tools are in one place making it even easier to access everything you need.

Top benefits

  1. Connect with colleagues, and book spaces without ever leaving the Teams booking app
  2. Meeting room booking via Outlook with all the right amenities you need
  3. Setup notifications to send check-in reminders of bookings

Watch the video here and see how it works:

Outlook & Google rooms

Now that more teams want to connect in the office like never before, having a meeting room booking system that lets your teams reserve a room in advance with the right amenities is a huge plus for team engagement, collaboration, and productivity. 

Find the right room now for a last-minute team briefing, and see what’s available in advance so you can lock in times with your team. As well as being able to automatically release room bookings after unplanned cancellations, making them available for someone else makes room booking with Kadence simple, and easy. 

Top benefits

  1. Find the right room with all the right amenities you need
  2. See which rooms are available to book on the interactive office floor map
  3. Understand how your rooms are being used with at-a-glance analytics

Watch the video here and see how it works with your Outlook calendar:


Microsoft Teams and Google rooms are currently in closed beta, and will be available in June 2022 – connect with our team today to find out more!

Outlook Rooms now available – read more here

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