Introducing Vaccination Records to help keep your workplaces safe

  • AuthorMike Thomsen, Product Manager

With the growing pressure companies are facing complying with governmental mandates as well as making their spaces a safe place for their people, it’s important for us at Kadence to arm them with the appropriate functionalities their hybrid operating systems should have. 

COVID health screening

Testing, tracing, isolating, and so on and so forth is now a very normalized way of living and as such, companies need to be equipped to handle any storm that comes their way. With our new vaccination records feature, companies can decide which spaces they require, by law or otherwise, certified vaccination proof in order for employees to use their spaces to work. 

Users can upload their up-to-date proof of vaccination within their profile to be reviewed by a Health Admin in order to gain access to the office. Health Admins can set an expiration date for uploaded documents, reset employee vaccine approvals and prompt employees to upload new proof if necessary.

Vaccination records

Keeping up to date with regulations

Depending on the location of your office space, you may have tougher COVID restrictions to abide by than other locations. Having the ability to flex and adapt to these regulations is crucial to keeping your space open and ensuring that everyone using that space is safe to be there. 

A simple toggle switch found under ‘Policies’ in the settings menu gives admins the ability to request up-to-date vaccine documentation. By checking the relevant box next to each of the office locations this applies to, employers can restrict office access to those that do not provide the correct proof. Keeping up with the current guidelines within their office space locality and maintaining a safe environment for their people to work. 

How it works?