3 Steps to a Successful Hybrid Workplace

  • Author Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-Founder

In this webinar, our Co-Founder & CEO, Dan Bladen, is joined by Shaun Ritchie (Co-Founder of Teem and Former Chief Workplace Experience Officer of WeWork) and Neal Piliavin (Former Director of Collaboration at HubSpot) to discuss the findings from our return-to-work research study, as well as the critical success factors to be addressed for a happy hybrid workplace.

The way we work has changed forever, and the office needs to change too. It’s now a place for collaboration, team-building, spending time together, and experiencing company culture. People will no longer sit behind a desk 9-5, and will increasingly become more intentional about when and where they choose to work.



Here are some of the key takeaways from the discussion (Start watching from 15:35):

Given how drastically the pandemic has changed the way we work, it is promising to see businesses are rethinking their strategy and actively shifting to a hybrid working model – but it is also key to implement it in the right way. Hybrid working is more than just a mix of office locations, it is a new way to work and collaborate.

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