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Redesign your team productivity by providing them with an all-in-one dashboard with everything they need to succeed in a hybrid environment.

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Team Productivity


An all-in-one Dashboard with everything you need

Team Productivity

Personal Schedule

Stay ahead of your week

Say ‘Goodbye’ to inconsistent work schedules and experience a powerful scheduling tool specifically for your hybrid workforce. Effortlessly book desks, plan meetings, know what’s coming up, and see it all in one central place.

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Smart Suggestions

We suggest, you decide

By analyzing individual work preferences, work habits, and schedules, Kadence offers you the best booking solutions to help you connect with the people you need, saving you time and an unnecessary commute to the office.

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Team Productivity
Team Productivity

Office Activity

See who’s in before you commute

The key to hybrid success and productivity lies in connecting with the right teammates for the tasks and objectives that need to be completed. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys a wasted commute to the office! With Kadence, you can easily see who has made a booking that week helping you decide whether commuting that day is worth it.

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Starred Colleagues

Always connected and in sync with your teammates

Follow the teammates you need to connect with the most to see all of their schedules side-by-side in one central place. Get notified in advance when they’ve made a booking so you can decide to go into the office and join them, or if they’ve made a last-minute cancelation helping you save a commute to the office that day.

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Team Productivity
Team Productivity

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Stay Informed, Stay Empowered, Stay In The Loop

Be the first to know of important company or social events with New Kadence Announcements. Say goodbye to missed information and never miss out on anything that’s going on.

Stay up to date with a team member’s birthday surprise, sign up for Tuesday night Tacos, get notified of important changes in company benefits, and hear of new career advancement opportunities all in one place.

Ready to make your workplace a place your team enjoys?

See how the Homepage Dashboard helps your employees connect with their team and thrive in their work.

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Why is Team Productivity important?

Team productivity is the powerhouse behind any successful company. It’s not just about getting more work done, but about working smarter, and with the right tools. Team Productivity helps foster innovation, improves efficiency, and enhances the quality of work. It also boosts morale, as achieving goals together creates a positive work environment. In a nutshell, team productivity is the linchpin that transforms individual efforts into a collective triumph, driving your business toward its overarching objectives.

How does the Homepage Dashboard help with Team Productivity?

The Homepage Dashboard is a pivotal tool for team productivity. It serves as a comprehensive hub for users, providing visibility on teammates’ schedules, real-time information about who’s in the office, and personalized schedules so they can stay ahead of their tasks and objectives. It also offers intelligent Smart Suggestions for space bookings, ensuring optimal utilization. This centralized platform streamlines coordination fosters better communication, and reduces scheduling conflicts, ultimately driving team efficiency and productivity.

Does the Homepage Dashboard integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Absolutely! Kadence and the Homepage Dashboard are designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. This means you can view team schedules, see who’s in the office, manage your daily tasks, and book necessary spaces all without leaving your Microsoft Teams interface. Kadence notifications also work in tandem with Microsoft Teams, making it easier to coordinate and streamline your work processes through check-in notifications, and Starred Colleague notifications via instant messenger. It’s all about boosting productivity and making collaboration smoother within your team in the app you already use.

Can I view the activity of a different office?

Yes. The ‘My Office Activity‘ widget is completely customizable allowing you to view the activity of any office to help you decide whether to commute or not. You can also select a particular team to see who from that team is in the office that day. Simply click on ‘Edit’ in the ‘Office Activity’ widget and choose the office you want to view, as well as a team, and click ‘Save’. This will only change the view for you and not everyone else.