How to make friends and lead your people remotely

In the age of zoom meetings and hybrid work schedules, work friendships have become rare. Some employees have yet to even meet their colleagues in person.

For managers, people management was hard enough pre-pandemic, and now, the difficulty in getting things done has dramatically increased with their teams working in different corners of the world. Even as companies now go back to normal, it wasn’t the normal that anyone knew. Two things are certain: First, we will never go back to “the way things were.” Second, we all must learn to thrive in a virtual/hybrid workplace. 

We had a great discussion with our CEO & Co-Founder, Dan Bladen, in conversation with McKenna Sweazey, the author of How to Win Friends and Manage Remotely. In the webinar, we talked about:
🗣 How to communicate with, motivate, and coach your teams in a hybrid world
💁‍♂️ Ways to demonstrate digital empathy to promote inclusivity and collaboration
👩‍💻 Examples of effective remote working practices