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Automate your hybrid workplace to drive productivity

Transform your hybrid workplace into a thriving ecosystem with an API that allows you to connect Kadence to your existing tools, processes, and workflows.

Hybrid Workplace
Space usage insights

Accurate data every time

Understanding how your spaces are used is fundamental to reporting, and decision-making.

Gain valuable insights into office utilization through granular reporting, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to maximize the efficiency of your workspace.

  • Inform future space planning decisions by understanding how they’re used in the past

  • Keep your employees safe by knowing who’s in the building in case of emergencies, and alert office managers if there are no designated fire marshals or first aiders on site

Hybrid Workplace

Powerful flexibility

A connected workplace is powerful, and the same goes for your software applications. With the ability to create, check in/out, and cancel bookings, you have full control over your space reservations, allowing for easy adjustments to accommodate changing needs and optimizing resource allocation.

  • Greater flexibility with how you want to run your spaces with more integration possibilities

  • Save time by eliminating manual booking processes

Hybrid Workplace
Optimized spaces

Maximize your spaces

Get a comprehensive view of space utilization across your office by knowing who has checked into them. By integrating with your existing building management systems, you can understand which spaces are used the least to enable cost savings.

  • Maximize space utilization by having a clear view of how much space you need

  • Better resource management by knowing which spaces are in demand

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Workplace automation

A frictionless team experience

Automating check-ins creates a frictionless experience for your employees, enabling them to be productive. By making check-ins simple, and easy your people can access the spaces they need for any task.

  • Better space management by knowing which areas are in demand

  • Authenticate users, and check them into their bookings when they log into a computer, book to come onsite, or when they access the wifi

Hybrid Workplace
See where your teammates are working with Desk Booking Software
Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our workplace check-in API

It’s vital you know how your spaces are used, and the way you get the space utilization data you need is by making sure your people check into their bookings. That’s where the data is, and that’s where you are able to optimize your real-estate footprint to cut costs.

When you get accurate usage data you can meet future space needs, and demands, decide if you want to rent out empty rooms on off days, cut back on resources, and deliver a great space that facilitates great work from your employees.

As with any API, the sky is your limit. You can choose how best to integrate with your various software in any way you choose.

To help ignite your creativity, here is a list of options to easily help automate your check-in flow ????

1. Automatically check users into their bookings through a badging integration system of your choice
2. Show information on bookings, users, and buildings within your applications
3. Display who has booked a desk to use as a waypoint tool so you know who should be sitting where, but also to warn users not to sit at that desk
4. Authenticate users and check them into their bookings when they log into a computer, book to come onsite, or when you access WiFi
5. Alert office managers if there are no designated fire marshals or first aiders onsite

The exact process for integrating with an API may vary depending on the specific API and your programming language or framework. You typically need to obtain an API key or authentication token, understand the available endpoints, parameters, and expected responses, and finally choose your integration method. You then write the code that sends requests to the various endpoints, test the integration, and monitor for any errors that may arise.

We currently provide access to buildings, users, bookings, and check-ins for your hybrid workplace. At this stage, our Check-in API is limited to booking check-ins only.