5 Ways to Automate Your Flexible Workspaces

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  • Luke Christian-Farman
  • Author Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Manager

As more and more companies adopt hybrid work policies, the need for flexible workspaces has become increasingly important. However, managing these spaces can be a challenge, especially when it comes to tracking availability, scheduling, and load balancing.

Kadence offers a smart, and more efficient solution to help you optimize your workplace, and in this blog, we’ll uncover how we’re making it easier than ever for you to manage your flexible workspace to meet the needs of your employees and foster productivity.

1. Auto Desk Release

As a facility manager, you know that maximizing space utilization is key to keeping costs down and productivity up. That’s why Kadence is a game-changer in helping workplaces make use of the space they have.


Picture this: an employee doesn’t show up to their booking for one reason or another, but because you have ‘auto-release’ set to ‘on’, that workspace is promptly released back into the pool for others to book. No more empty desks collecting dust or employees struggling to find available flexible workspaces.

With Kadence, you can easily release unoccupied desks back into the pool for others to book, ensuring that space is always used to its full potential. No more wasted resources, no more inefficient manual processes. You have the ability to streamline operations and save on real estate costs, all while providing your employees with the flexibility and support they need to do their best work.

2. Better Assigned Desk Scheduling


Imagine the convenience and efficiency of a dynamic desk booking system that revolutionizes how office managers allocate workspaces to their staff! With Kadence, you could assign desks to individuals on any day of the week using an intuitive scheduler, but now with our latest improvements, you can set to release canceled or unassigned desks back into the pool for others to book.

Knowing that you’re maximizing your spaces without compromising on comfort or productivity, now that’s what we call ‘peace of mind’!

3. Dynamic Office Neighborhood Scheduling

No more confusion or misunderstandings about who is using which desks, and where your teams are able to book. Kadence lets you give your team access to the right resources and equipment to do their job effectively by assigning teams to specific office neighborhoods within your office.


Using a weekly scheduler, you can assign any team to any office neighborhood you created on any day of the week, helping you to truly maximize your spaces and build a collaborative culture. And just like our new assigned desks improvements, you can make these office neighborhoods available for anyone else to book that day by releasing them back into the pool on the days when no teams are assigned.

4. Limit Your Office Capacity


If you’re already juggling a million things at once, you do not want the management of your office space to be one of them. With this new feature, Kadence lets you set a limit on the number of people who can book to come onsite, giving you peace of mind of complying with health & safety guidelines but also ensuring that your office never gets overcrowded.

You get to easily manage the flow of people coming in and out of your office whilst keeping every safe at the same time without ever having to worry about exceeding capacity limits again.

5. Smart Automated Check-ins

Do you find making sure your employees check into their bookings a tedious and time-consuming task? Not knowing how your spaces are used, getting inaccurate space usage data, and not being able to make great cost-cutting decisions on space that isn’t used as much?


With Kadence, users can now automatically check into their bookings with just the tap of their badge or connecting to the company wifi. The possibilities are endless, enabling you to get the dead-eye accurate data you need whilst making your places accessible for the needs, and demands of your workforce.


In conclusion, the world of work is changing, and hybrid work is where it’s at. Flexible workspaces are becoming the norm, and that’s where Kadence steps in to save the day. With its smart approach, Kadence is all about aligning with businesses to help them adapt and thrive in this new work landscape.

To find out how Kadence helps you maximize your spaces to facilitate productivity and make huge savings book your demo here.