Powerful workplace insights for your offices

  • Luke Christian-Farman
  • Author Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Manager

If you manage office spaces, and teams of people you know firsthand the operational strain the post-pandemic working world has placed on your company. For many, adjusting to a hybrid working model is clearly a step in the right direction and one that isn’t phasing out any time soon. Read on to understand how you can use powerful workplace insights to take optimizing your spaces to the next level.

Challenges in Hybrid Working

What this shows is a classic post-pandemic recipe that equates to a lack of employee connection and unstructured team collaboration. If this is you, then it’s time to set some space management goals to ensure you retain your best talent and provide excellent spaces for them to collaborate and be productive. Here are three to get you started:

  1. Even out space usage by designating specific areas of the office for specific teams on certain days of the week
  2. Know who is booked to come into the office ahead of time, and who has not shown up, enabling you to optimize your space, and deal with wasted bookings
  3. Understand which spaces are more popular amongst your team so you can repurpose under-utilized spaces

Why is space management important?

The bottom line here is that your people are your most important asset, and because they’re important, providing coordinated, fit-for-purpose spaces for them to work, and collaborate is a priority. Setting you apart from your competition, creating spaces for your team to thrive, and managing that well with the right tools will put you on a wide path to success quicker than you realize. 

The right tools will make your spaces:

With Kadence’s space management tools, you are not only able to gain deep insights into your space usage and occupancy, but you can easily coordinate your spaces to work for you and your people.

Understand space usage

Workplace insights to keep track and manage your space bookings

An important place for anyone to start with space management is to first get to grips with how your space is being used. Workplace insights with Kadence let you dig deeper into a building, floor, neighborhood, and team’s average occupancy. Compare different time periods and understand how many spaces have been booked, occupied, or wasted – find out how our auto-release feature helps reduce wasted space.

Further to this, you can download CSV files of your booking data, and upload them to the tools you are already using for deeper analysis.

Monitor usage trends and preferences

A particular challenge within hybrid workplaces is making sure spaces are utilized effectively. Spaces that are perhaps unpopular are left idle leading to an increase in energy costs. With Kadence workplace insights, you can easily see which spaces in your office, and which days of the week are more popular than others. Over time you can discover booking trends to allow you to make decisions on how to repurpose under-utilized spaces. 

Using this data allows you to understand your employee’s behavior and preferences. Forecasting employee working patterns to inform office emission usage, and helping you to coordinate your people, meeting the growing demands of a particular space – discover more here

Workplace insights to keep track and manage your space bookings

Keep everyone safe

With a heightened awareness of health amongst today’s workforce, providing a safe office space for your people to connect face-to-face is of great value. With Kadence’s employee & workplace safety features, you can manage your space effectively with safety in mind, giving your employees the confidence that going into the office is safe.

By setting up self-certification policies you can ensure staff and guests review, and agree to them before making a journey to the office. Touchless check-in keeps shared points of contact to a minimum, helping prevent spreading germs, and the flexibility of dynamic neighborhoods allows you to block out certain spaces to either implement social distance desk booking or spread teams around the office.

Kadence tracks which spaces have been used by whom, all visible within insights. So in case of an outbreak, you can inform staff to prevent further cases, as well as shut down certain areas of the office for deep cleaning. 

Workplace insights to keep track and manage your space bookings