Release 1.5.5
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Team Kadence
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Personal Kadence [new]

Users can now set where they expect to be working on a typical work week. Team members can now easily compare working schedules and easily coordinate with each other. Kadence can also predict where users may be working when they have not made any bookings based on personal Kadence and workspace preferences.

  • know where your team are working and when ahead of time
  • Understand employee habits and space utilization
  • Coordinate individual schedules so you can collaborate


Kadence hybrid software personal kadence


Enhanced profiles [improvement]

Users can now add the city they are based in. This helps with team coordination across multiple time zones and gives better insight into users’ remote working locations. This information will also allow Kadence to build upon its smart suggestion functionality and insights.

  • Schedule visibility makes it easy to coordinate with your teammates
  • Helps colleagues understand what you do and what teams you are in
  • Shows colleagues your workplace preferences so they can reach you



Kadence hybrid software web profiles


New profile setup [new]

We now provide an optional onboarding flow to help users complete their profiles on sign-up. This onboarding flow ensures that employees don’t miss out on our newly implemented Kadence features including user bio, city/timezone, personal kadence, and workspace preferences.

  • Simple onboarding flow gets users set up quickly from the start
  • Create a short bio, choose your time and location and set up your workplace preferences making it easier to book spaces
  • Plot your weekly Kadence so teammates can see your schedule right away


Kadence hybrid software profile setup