Release 1.5.6
Team Kadence
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User booking status [improvement]

With a more accurate picture of employee engagement admins can now see if an individual had a booking but did not check-in, or if they forgot to check out. In addition, the booking details page clearly indicates if an employee booking was canceled by an admin for any reason under the status tab.



Release bookings [new]

This new feature offers admins the ability to release spaces when an employee checks out of their booking early. Once enabled in settings, you can ensure your spaces are being used to their fullest at any time of the day. One less thing to think about.


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Filter users by status [new]

Adding to our already existing filtering features, admins can now filter bookings by status enabling them to get an overview of employees who did not check-in, canceled their bookings, those who checked out early, and any other booking status.