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Release 2.0.10

Team Kadences

Team Kadences is a great way to help managers set expectations for when team members should come into the office on a weekly or monthly basis where employees get Smart Suggestions to make a booking on a team day on their personal homepage. Watch Team Kadences in action here! You can also check out our help center here to learn how to get set up

Team Coordination

Available on the Kadence web app


Incognito Mode

A feature for privacy-conscious individuals or executives who wish for their bookings to remain anonymous. Incognito mode securely manages your bookings, controls booking visibility, and ensures privacy in the workplace.


Available on the Kadence web appTeam Coordination


Public API

Another round of API improvements boasts the ability to extract dead-specific booking data into any reporting platform of your choice, as well as to be able to check out and cancel bookings as part of an automated workflow. Get started here.

Kadence API


Available on the Kadence web app


New Feature Banner in Web App

We decided to place a banner within the app to let you know every time we dropped a new feature. This will link out to a blog article, a video, or even a help center article so you can discover more about the new feature and see it in action.

Available on the Kadence web app

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