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Release 2.0.3

Conference room booking for mobile

Schedule meetings wherever you are, find, book, and invite guests all from your mobile. Choose a room to book for now or later, and check in on your mobile for the exact time of your booking. Conference room booking for mobile oming soon to Android

Available to all users on the Kadence mobile app only

Conference room booking


More Auto-release options for desks

For those who have their bookings released sooner than expected, we felt that having more options with later times gives more flexibility and enough time for users to check-in.

Whether you’ve been called into a last-minute meeting when you’ve just arrived at the office, or your train is running late, these new options make sure you get to keep your booking.

Added options: 1 hour, 1.5 hours,  2 hours & 3 hours

Available to Admins on the Kadence web app only

Auto release


Allow admins to check in/out for others

There are a number of benefits to this feature in terms of how it may be used by an organization. This feature gives additional control to admins, allowing them to action bookings in the event that the user who has booked is unable, or has forgotten to check into their booking. This can also be used by office admins to ensure the accuracy of data or personal assistants to act on behalf of whom they’re assisting, etc.

Check-in permissions:

  1. Super admins – Everyone
  2. Global admins – Everyone
  3. Building admins – Everyone (until we add building-specific settings)
  4. Team managers – Assigned team members who the booking is for (booking owner)
  5. Host of guest booking – Guest

Available to all users on the Kadence web app only

Admins check in/out for others


Remove ‘All Day’ toggle for mobile

For the same reasons as the web app, we have removed the ‘All day’ toggle for the mobile app. We decided instead to replace this with a default booking time that matches close to a typical working day for most companies based on our booking research (9 am – 5 pm). Coming soon to Android

Available to Admins on the Kadence iOS 

All day toggle iOS


Directory sync filter

As it stands, importing teams from Google can be a headache with lots of unnecessary imports. What Kadence now does is it allows Global Admins to select which teams they care about, and sync the teams they actually want within the Kadence app.

Available to Admins and Google users 

Google Active directory sync

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