Release 2.0.7
Team Kadence
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Smart Hybrid Planning with our new User Homepage [new]

The Kadence ‘Home’ houses everything a user or an admin will need within one single place without having to go and search for it.


Homepage Features included within this release:

  • A quick link to make a desk, room, guest, or onsite booking
  • My schedule – a rundown of your bookings throughout the week with the ability to check in to your bookings straight from here
  • Starred colleague comparison – enabling you to see which of your closest friends are going into the office, or working remotely
  • Office activity – enabling users to quickly decide when they want to go into the office based on how busy an office is, or who/which teams are in the office on any given day. Users can filter by team, their starred colleagues, and overall occupancy to make their decision


Hybrid workforce Available to all users on Kadence web and iOS apps


Check in, and Self certify directly from Slack [improvement]

In our previous release users were able to view their bookings schedule, as well as receive handy check-in notifications. Now users can check into their bookings, and self-certify directly from Slack.

Slack desk booking


Get a confirmation email for Recurring Bookings [improvement]

Adding which dates could NOT be booked to the recurring booking confirmation email.

Available to Admins on Kadence web and mobile apps