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Past & Future Interactive Office Floorplan [new]

Our new Interactive Office Floorplans enable you to unlock team productivity and space efficiency by visualizing all booking activity across time. With this new addition, you can:

  1. Connect with the right people by seeing who’s working where ahead of time
  2. Maximize office resources by understanding past & future office usage
  3. Reduce costs on wasted space by knowing team booking trends across time

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Desk Booking Software

Available to all users on the Kadence web app


Public API for easier ‘Check-in’ [new]

For IT, Security, and Facility Managers wanting to reduce real estate costs, and wasted time on their team’s productivity, but struggle to understand how their spaces are used, Kadence’s new ‘Check-in’ API allows them to automate booking check-ins giving them a precise understanding of the use of every space.

  1. Greater flexibility with running your spaces with more integration possibilities
  2. Increased check-in efficiency by automating the check-in process
  3. Know exactly which spaces have been booked with precise check-in data

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Kadence Public API

Available to all users on the Kadence web app


Additional user settings to control notifications [improvement]

Beforehand, if users wanted to receive notifications of when their teammates had booked a desk, canceled, or checked in, they only had the option to receive all notifications for every starred colleague, or none at all. With this feature, users can now choose what specific notifications they want to receive.


Available to all users on the Kadence web app


Next-day booking reminder [improvement]

This stellar improvement allows admins to set up if they’d like to prompt employees the day before their booking to ask them if they still need it. Admins can choose the exact time they’d like the reminder to be sent the day before.

Available to all users on the Kadence web app


Android Notification Settings [improvement]

Android users can now control push, and email notifications within the app. (currently, in terms of push notifications, it is all or nothing, and no way of controlling email subscriptions within the app)

Kadence Android Notifications

Available to all users on Android