4 months ago

Release 2.0.9

Smart Suggestions

With Smart Suggestions, Kadence now lets users know which teammates, and starred colleagues are going into the office so they can plan to go there that day. Kadence also lets users know when their preferred office is getting full so they can quickly make a booking to guarantee their spot.

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Available to all users on the Kadence web app & iOS only


Assigned Desks: Release unassigned desks back into the pool

We’ve improved our Assigned desk scheduling feature to help Facilities Managers automate their space availability. They can still assign individuals to a desk on any day of the week, but now with this release, they can make unassigned as well as canceled desk bookings available for anyone to book with a simple toggle.

Available to Admins on the Kadence web app only


Quick Book by the minute

As a sharp addition to our past/future interactive live office floorplan, users can now book any available or partially available desk or room directly from the floorplan for the exact time they need.


Available to all users on the Kadence web app only


Set onsite Capacity limits

With this feature, Kadence can now help companies comply better with health and safety regulations by setting a limit for how many people can be in their office.

Available to Admins on the Kadence web app, iOS, and Android

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  • Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Lead


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