Release 3.0.0
Luke Christian-Farman
Product Marketing Manager
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Kadence Flex

Kadence Flex connects you to the biggest international marketplace for flexible office space suitable for your hybrid teams. Oversee your entire hybrid workforce and office space through a single platform. Reserve a hot desk, a meeting room, or a private office space in any global location and save significantly on office space expenses by paying only for the flexible space you require.

The introduction of Kadence Flex also boasts an entirely new booking flow. Now it’s easier than ever to find the hot desks, and meeting rooms you need for whenever you need them.

  • An entirely new booking flow within the Kadence Platform
  • Get access to thousands of bookable workspaces wherever you are
  • Manage budgets and permissions per team and individuals
  • Get visibility into your team’s schedules and get notified whenever they’ve booked to go into an office so you can book a space and join them
  • Track all of your booking data and attendance metrics across all of your office locations in one centralized platform

*Available on the Kadence web app