Introducing Homepage: Optimize your Hybrid Workforce with Smart Planning

  • Luke Christian-Farman
  • Author Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Manager

Team Coordination


Hybrid working just got smarter, and so did Team Coordination! That’s right, it’s true, and as a result, your hybrid workforce can be more productive than they were before, and real-estate costs are being slashed. 

In fact, now with Kadence’s new User Homepage, you no longer need to dig around to see who’s in, or how busy the office is. Kadence gives you the tools, and suggestions you need, all in one place to make smarter choices about all of those things enabling you, and your teams to stay on top of your gameplan, and accomplish your goals. 

Here’s why:

A schedule that dramatically increases productivity

Team CoordinationYour work week in one view

Say goodbye to the chaos of multiple calendars, and scattered to-do lists. With a one-view hybrid schedule, you’ll be able to see your entire work week at a glance, stay organized, and never miss a chance to connect with your team in the office.

Manage your hybrid workforce with smart recommendations

Just think how much better it would be to have a tool more in sync with your schedule than you were. What about a tool that simultaneously synced yours, as well as all of your starred colleague’s schedules, and then gave you smart recommendations around the best times to meet up, and where? With Kadence’s new team coordination tools you now get smart recommendations to let you know who’s in that week so you can make the best choices.

Know where you need to be and when

Imagine the peace of mind and productivity boost of having all of your commitments and bookings in one place. With Kadence, you can remain in control of your week, knowing exactly where you need to be, and when.

Make the most of your time

Hybrid Workforce

Get notified of last-minute changes

Avoid another wasted commute to the office! There’s nothing worse than going through the time, and the trouble of organizing meetings, catch-ups, or social events, and then turning up to those things only to find out your teammates have canceled at the last minute. Now with the new features on your homepage, you get notified of any last-minute changes to your starred colleague’s plans via email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams Desk Booking saving you time and train fare!

See how busy the office is on any day that week

An effective hybrid workforce solution is getting to choose how you work. That could be remote, in the office, in a coffee shop, with a particular team, or with an individual. It all matters, yet making a plan for the task at hand can be lengthy, and time-consuming. That’s why Kadence wanted to make it easy for you to see at a glance how busy the office is, which teams are there, and your starred colleagues so you can make the best choice for you, and save time.

Facilitate your office spaces during busy or quiet periods

Cutting real-estate costs in 2023 is going to be high up on the agenda for most businesses which is why it’s crucial to know how your spaces are being used. With Kadence’s User Homepage, office managers can quickly see the usage of their spaces enabling them to make the right decisions about cutting costs.


Optimize team performance

Hybrid Workforce

Stay up to date with your colleague’s Kadence

By being in sync with your colleague’s Kadence, you’re able to better coordinate your own tasks, and activities to ensure you can be as productive as possible. Getting notified of any last-minute changes, as well as who’s going into the office helps everyone stay on top of their game plan for the week.

Build stronger team dynamics

Wondering how to schedule a team day with a hybrid workforce? The bottom line here is that if companies want to grow, it’s fundamental to realize that fostering a great culture, and community with those working in the office, or fully remote is essential for successful team performance. With Kadence, managers can keep in sync with their team’s schedules, and know when they’re going into the office or not so they can provide the right guidance, and support to help them flourish in their work.

Join your colleagues wherever they’re working that day

In-person work creates an environment of engagement and a shared sense of purpose. When working in person teammates can easily read each other’s nonverbal cues which can dramatically increase trust and understanding. With Kadence, planning to come together or coordinate both remote, and in-person meetings are easy and straightforward. Log into the Kadence Web app, and check out your starred colleagues within the User Homepage.


The bottom line for 2023 is to optimize at all costs, and companies that do not have a solution in place will soon find it more difficult to grow their business. Giving your people the tools they need to perform well in their work, and knowing how much real-estate savings you could make on unused space undoubtedly gives you the upper hand in managing your hybrid workforce effectively and maximizing team productivity.

To find out how to unlock the power of hybrid through Kadence within Slack, book your demo here. 

When it comes to platforms that unleash pure productivity, and space savings, how smart are yours?