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Turn your office into a smart workplace

Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and wasted space, hello to a smarter office.

Kadence allows you to easily manage desk and room bookings, optimize office space, and increase team collaboration.

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“Kadence allows employees to see who’s in the workspace on any given day, making it easier for our teams to coordinate”

CEO @ Resurgo

Smart Suggestions

When you’re busy, and on the move, saving time is essential. By getting Smart Suggestions about when your team members are going into the office, you can spend time working with the people that matter, working on the tasks that count.

  • Get notified of the best day to schedule meetings based on your team member or starred colleague’s schedules
  • Prioritize when you need to commute to the office to avoid wasted travel costs and time

Space Booking Automation

When you need to load-balance your office spaces to boost individual and team productivity, easily assign desks to individuals, and neighborhoods to teams on specific days of the week using an intuitive space automation schedule.

  • Meet employee space demands by assigning individuals and teams to desks and neighborhoods on the days you choose
  • Recapture unused spaces by auto-releasing canceled bookings, unassigned, or no-shows back into the pool
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Auto Check-ins

Take your workplace analytics to the next level with an API-driven check-in system that eliminates a manual process, enhances visitor experience and safety, and allows for easy data collection and analysis.

  • Save time by automatically checking users into their bookings through your badging system or company wifi
  • Inform future space planning decisions by understanding how they’re used in the past

Optimized Space Utilization

Never worry about capacity limits again. Ensure your spaces are not overbooked or underutilized by setting an onsite capacity limit.

  • Facilitate team productivity with fewer distractions to interruptions
  • Make your workplace a safe place to be by ensuring compliance with health & safety guidelines
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Learn About Our Smart Workplace Capabilities

What are the benefits of automating check-ins?

By automating your check-in process (through integrating with a badging system or wifi), you can create a frictionless experience for your employees by making check-in simple and easy to boost user adoption – so that you can spend less time worrying about wasted spaces and more time on your people.

This process will also ensure you are getting more accurate data by knowing exactly how your spaces are used, and who is using them to make better space planning decisions.

What are the different types of smart suggestions?

People: You will get notified when your teammates or starred colleagues are planning to be in the office, you can schedule face-to-face meetings easily.

Office capacity: Get notified when your office is reaching its capacity so you can save time on commute and plan your work week more effectively.

How many Smart Suggestions will I get in a week?

Kadence will provide you with up to three personalized suggestions each week, carefully selected to help you achieve maximum productivity. Plus, our platform goes the extra mile by prioritizing the most important suggestions, ensuring that you can streamline your workflow and focus on what matters most.

How will I know when the office is at capacity?

With Smart Suggestions, you can rest assured that you’ll never struggle to find a workspace again. Our tool utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to monitor your preferred office’s capacity and lets you know when it reaches 80%. This means that you can quickly and easily secure a workspace in advance, allowing you to make the most of your workday and achieve better results in less time.

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