Release 2.0.11
Team Kadence
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User Homepage Dashboard

The Kadence Homepage Dashboard has revolutionized the way employees book spaces and connect with their teammates, notably through Smart Suggestions, and Starred Colleague notifications. With this hefty set of improvements, we’re giving users even more granularity into Office Activity views to enable users to see exactly who is working where, and on which days so they can make their commutes to the office worthwhile. We’ve also improved the aesthetics to show meeting room participants in ‘My Schedule’ and also increased it to span 8 days.

Here are some of the things we’ve improved:

  • ‘My Schedule’ increased from 7 days to 8 days
  • New Building Activity Overview modal
  • ‘No Kadence set’ icon in starred colleagues
  • Show ‘Room Participants’ in My Schedule
  • Edit default Kadence explanation text

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Team Coordination

*Available on the Kadence web app  



A long-requested feature that’s finally here. Meeting Room Hosts can now add Catering options as part of their room booking. Kadence now gives you the flexibility to use any link to a menu or catering form of your choice so you can easily order the refreshments you need, and in time for when you need them.

Conference Room Catering

*Available on the Kadence web app & iOS  


Individual Working Hours

This unique feature has revolutionized the way we think about desk booking. Individual working hours allow you to customize which hours you intend to be in the office on any given day of the week, so when you go to book a desk, every booking is completely tailored to match your schedule. Booking a desk shouldn’t be another thing you have to think about, and rightly so. That’s why we’ve developed a way for Kadence to do the thinking for you. And that’s not all. When your team manager assigns you a desk, Kadence immediately matches each desk assignment to the schedule you have determined.

Easy Desk Booking

*Available to all users on the Kadence web app & iOS only 


Team Kadences on iOS

Following on from our last release, Team Kadences has transformed the ways team managers bring their teams together in the office. Something that typically takes hours to organize, Team Kadences allows managers to schedule in-person team days based on the needs of the company and team member schedules in seconds. On that note, we thought we’d make this transformative feature a fabulous addition to iOS too.

Team Coordination

*Available on iOS  


General Improvements

  • Early check-in data in CSV exports – Now Global Admins can export the original start time and actual start time in exports
  • Repeat booking pre-selecting the wrong day – Currently, the default selection is ‘today’ rather than on the day the user has selected. We’ve improved this to make sure you’re making your recurring bookings on the exact day you need.
  • Replace the ‘Booking In Advance’ drop-down with a custom input – Here we want to allow users to choose their own times creating greater flexibility rather than a handful of preselected options
  • Booking details – We’ve moved the  ‘Cancel’ and ‘Share’ buttons to the action bar for a better UX experience, preventing scrolling
  • Room bookings in Slack – Now Slack shows Room bookings to mirror what we’ve done on the Homepage Dashboard in the web app 
  • Add ‘Day’ to the date in ‘When’ on the new booking page