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Release 2.0.5

Assigned desks

All users now get perfect visibility on who is sitting where along with better space usage insights with assigned desks to your team.

Available to Admins only, once a user is assigned and bookings are created those will be across all 3 platforms

Assigned Desks


Visitor management on Android

Invite individual or multiple guests onsite straight from your mobile. Discover more here

Available to all users on Android 


Early check-in

Similarly to iOS users, Android users can now check in early if their booking is available.

Available to all users on Android 


Remove ‘All day’ toggle on Android

Recently released on iOS, we have removed the ‘All day’ toggle for the Android mobile app.

Top tip: If you need to make changes, simply head over to your ‘Buildings’ in the Kadence web app, and edit your building’s opening times.

Available to all users on Android 



Shows booking information for team members in restricted Neighborhoods



Kadence is now available in German

Head to your profile picture on the top right corner of the Kadence web app > Select ‘profile’ > choose ‘settings’ > select your preferred language

Available to all users on Kadence web and mobile apps

Multi-language German


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  • Luke Christian-Farman, Product Marketing Lead


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